The 20 properties of chia seeds, powerful superfood

The 20 properties of chia seeds, powerful superfood

Do you know the many properties of chia seeds? It is one of the most powerful superfoods. Here because.

From quinoa to flax seeds, the ingredients of health

You have certainly heard of chia seeds, one of the most powerful superfoods, but what are they good for? Here are 20 properties of these special seeds.

They help lose weight
According to a Brazilian study, chia seeds are useful in reducing body fat, especially that of the abdomen. They stimulated weight loss because they were rich in fiber and protein. They stimulate the sense of satiety, decrease appetite.

They bring Omega 3
Chia seeds contain the precious essential Omega 3 fatty acids, allies of health, able to have a positive effect on the nervous system, the immune system, brain activity, mood, joints.

They facilitate intestinal regularity
Given the amount of fiber, they are useful in case of constipation and to facilitate intestinal regularity.

They act on blood sugar levels
According to the United States Department of Agriculture, chia seeds are useful in treating diabetic patients as they are able to regulate blood sugar levels. They also help improve blood pressure, even in the case of diabetic people.

They counteract the formation of cancer cells
Based on research by the UCSF Medical Center, chia seeds are an excellent source of alpha linoleic acid, useful in the prevention of breast cancer and in general in creating the necessary conditions so that cancer cells do not develop.

They help to lower cholesterol
Omega 3s also help lower blood cholesterol and prevent cardiovascular disease. This is also supported by the authoritative Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

It improves the well-being of the cardiovascular system
According to a study published by West Virginia University, the fatty acids contained in chia seeds contribute to the well-being of the heart, as well as reducing triglycerides, plaques on the venous walls, heart dysfunction and blood pressure problems.

They are energizing and activate the metabolism
Are you feeling tired? You will regain the charge with chia seeds, thanks to the fact that they contain B vitamins, zinc, iron and magnesium. In addition, the University of New Hampshire has highlighted how chia seeds activate and speed up the metabolism.

Useful for sportsmen
Precisely the fact that they are energizing and rich in vitamins and minerals, chia seeds are indicated in the nutrition of athletes, to face and to recover an intense workout.

Protein sources
Chia seeds are excellent protein sources since they contain about 19% of good quality protein.

They improve mood
A study conducted in Pittsburgh found that regular consumption of chia seeds also affects mood, facilitating serenity and helping in cases of anxiety, sadness and depression.

They are antioxidants
Chia seeds have antioxidant power thus preventing cellular aging and helping to counteract the action of free radicals.

Useful for teeth and bones
Chia seeds are useful for maintaining strong and healthy teeth and bones in general since they contain calcium, phosphorus and manganese.

They maintain the appearance of the skin
Chia seeds help improve the appearance of the skin, reducing inflammation, wrinkles and making it more toned and well hydrated. According to a study conducted in Manchester, these seeds also perform a protective action against UV rays.

Useful in case of diverticulitis and dyslipidemia
Chia seeds are useful in preventing the formation of diverticula in the colon both because they contain Omega 3 and because thanks to the fiber supply they improve intestinal function. Dyslipidemia is a metabolic dysfunction that leads to an excess of cholesterol in the blood. Chia seeds have proven to be useful in countering the damage of this pathology by helping to keep cholesterol under control and by promoting the production of HDL cholesterol, or "good" cholesterol.

Plant substitutes for eggs
Chia seeds creating a gelatinous compound in contact with water can be a valid substitute for eggs in recipes.

They have anti-inflammatory properties
Among the many beneficial effects of these seeds there is also the fact of having anti-inflammatory properties, for this reason they are precious allies in case of joint problems.

They bring manganese
Manganese is useful in the treatment of arthritis, diabetes, epilepsy, has an antioxidant action and accelerates the metabolism.

They contain magnesium
Magnesium is useful in case of hypertension, cardiac pathologies, osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes, it gives energy to the body in times of tiredness, helps to fight insomnia, irritability and helps memory.

They improve sleep
Chia seeds containing tryptophan, an amino acid that stimulates the body's production of serotonin and melatonin, combine sleep and relaxation.

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