The 2021 Maturity Exam: methods, contents and legislation

The 2021 Maturity Exam: methods, contents and legislation

The 2021 Maturity Exam: methods, contents and regulations for students with SLD and SEN

The 2021 Maturity Exam will consist of the presentation of an oral paper, followed by the analysis of a text addressed in the 5th year and the analysis of the material chosen by the commission with the aim of building an interdisciplinary path.

The 2021 Maturity Exam: the structure of the oral exam

The 2021 Maturity Exam will consist of a single oral test, an interview divided into 4 phases:

  • Discussion of a paper on the main disciplines (for example Mathematics and Physics at the Scientific, Greek and Latin at the Liceo Classico …).
  • Analysis and commentary on a short text already studied during the fifth year.
  • Analysis of the material (text, document, experience, project, problem) chosen by the commission and construction of an interdisciplinary path.
  • PCTO experience report (if not included in the report).
  • The exam will last a total of about one hour and, also for this school year, the examination committees will be made up of internal commissioners, with an external President.

    The commission can assign up to forty points for the oral exam, to be awarded on the basis of the criteria indicated in the Evaluation Grid of the oral exam.

    The paper on the address disciplines

    The class council can choose whether to assign a different topic to individual candidates or to assign the same topic to a group of candidates. Each candidate must submit a paper. Students will be able to develop the topic in different ways: the form of the paper will in fact depend on the disciplines characterizing the course of study.

    In addition, students will be able to integrate the topic with the contribution of other disciplines, experiences related to PCTOs and individual skills present in the student's curriculum.

    On, the Digital Education platform, you will find useful resources and material to prepare you in Italian, history and philosophy and with Mathematics Simulations for High School and Physics for High School.

    The dates of the exam

    The Maturity Exams will start from 16 June but already by 30 April the class councils will have to assign the subject of the paper to the graduates. Students will have until May 31 to deliver the final paper to the reference teacher.

    The Maturity exam for students with SEN and SLD

    For pupils with certified disabilities in developmental age, SLD or other SEN, safeguards are provided for taking the Maturity exam. As regards pupils with certified disabilities and SLDs, it is possible to make use of the tools provided for by their individual educational plan (IEP) and the personalized teaching plan (PDP).

    To better prepare yourself, discover the lesson dedicated to the 2021 Maturity Oral Exam on Furthermore, you will find a chapter dedicated to Research, which will help you in the construction of your paper.

    And to better prepare for the presentation of the paper, discover the lesson dedicated to oral presentation, with useful tips and tricks for an effective presentation.

    Good luck!

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