The 3 ingredients to make your child fall in love with reading

The 3 ingredients to make your child fall in love with reading

How can we infect the little ones with the love of books? In this our role as parents is fundamental!

Reading is a fundamental learning tool. Think a little about how many books, how many articles you have read during your life that have taught you something … Reading is never a skill in itself: it is a means of reaching something else. In fact, we speak of "divergent learning", because it opens the doors to the continuous possibility of learning.

Unfortunately for many children and young people reading is an obstacle, a frustrating and unattractive activity. Now that our children have been home for a long time and we have the uncertainty of how it will begin, but above all how it will continue next school year, our role as parents to support and encourage learning and the love of reading becomes even more important.

"The task of a parent, like that of the teacher, is to cultivate the enthusiasm of the child, who, feeling 'good' at reading, has an incentive to continue, without obligations or constraints but, on the contrary, respecting his time and his way to learn. " Maria Cristina Ajroldi, mother and teacher, explains us. "It is very important that children learn in a positive way, that is, having fun: emotions play a fundamental role in learning, and help children find an intrinsic motivation in all life experiences."

Here are the 3 basic ingredients:

  • First of all, he must feel "good", able to complete the activity without frustration, which instead on the contrary causes detachment and refusal. For this reason, it is necessary to propose readings consistent with his level of reading skills.In this, the Primissime Letture series, published by Gribaudo, Feltrinelli group, which offers readings on the basis of 9 difficulty levels can help us. The innovative method was studied by a team of specialists, including the speech therapist Sara Vitolo: “First of all we identified the difficulty factors for the child, such as the presence of difficult syllables, or the length of the words, which we then combined together in 9 levels of reading difficulty to always propose a challenge consistent with the real skills of the reader ".
  • Connecting positive emotions to the experience of reading is an essential step and in this we have a fundamental role. The emotional bond with the parent is a very important engine for the approach to all activities. For reading, the journey to be undertaken together is made up of everyday life and habits from an early age. Carve out an exclusive space to read together, observe and interpret the wonderful images that often color the pages of the illustrated books, enter into an adventure sometimes fantastic, sometimes scary … they are magical moments to live together and lay solid foundations for future love for reading.
  • Last, but not least, the fun: if I proposed you to read a treatise or a technical article, you would probably answer me no thanks, I don't care … the same happens to the little ones. Select texts that involve and intrigue them … you will see that they themselves will ask you to be able to read a little more!
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