The 3 words that undermine our present and how to get rid of them

What are the few words we repeat every day and that devour our present

Never underestimate the power of words. Here are the three most dangerous, to be contrasted day after day, helping and letting help from those who are able to do so.

Words make up our everyday life and have a powerful effect on our psyche. They are a connection tool and a fearsome weapon at the same time. Using them in one way or another can strengthen or distort our social relationships.

We often think about the use of words only in relation to the other. So we told a friend, relative or the person with whom you chose to spend the rest of your life. But sometimes it would be appropriate to take a moment and reflect on how our own words affect us. Those that we constantly repeat, without saying a word. They buzz in our heads and often know how to destroy us, day after day.

With only three words we can undermine our stability. Three words and our world loses balance:

  • Because: faced with a hardship, of any nature, we tend to ask ourselves the reason. If we live in a state of discomfort, we are however unable to deal with it in a lucid manner. To ask why, again and again, day after day, year after year, we should be able to take a step out of the torpor in which we have fallen. Certain mental conditions are not the result of the cause and effect system. The internal logic that we believe can give us relief does not actually exist. It is unfortunately something visible only from the outside and it is there that you should strive to arrive, instead of immersing yourself more and more deeply in the quagmire of why
  • Yesterday: anchoring one's suffering to the past is an almost unstoppable temptation. You look back because what is done cannot change. Unconsciously, therefore, one becomes a shield of the fixity of what was yesterday, in response to any drive towards change. Nothing can turn to a better future because the past is corrupt. We keep repeating it but we are not machines. On an incorrect basis of past data we can reconstruct. Looking with obsession at what has been, as well as constantly reaching out for what you hope can come, is what destroys your present and this is all you have
  • Improve: having a goal to reach is an important step in personal growth. It is however necessary to recognize the goal, to realize when a route can be considered concluded and enjoy the results obtained. The cyclical nature of improvement paths is a mental prison from which it is very difficult to come out. We are the only ones imprisoned in this mental cage and the money to have the key to go out. We remove any form of joy or satisfaction. We live denigrating ourselves, giving us heavy sins like boulders, which continue to bring us down, towards that sense of inadequacy that we have decided to impose on us and that, if not adequately opposed, will finally swallow us up

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