The 4-step self-massage for a flat stomach

from Beatrice Serra

Self-massage is a small ceremony with yourself, to be performed every day. To make contact with your body and feel that the skin is smoothed, oxygenated, compacted under the touch of your hands.

Here you will find the directions, step by step, for a belly self-massage. “The hands put light pressure on the belly, which helps the digestive system to clean itself and function well”, specifies Isabella Calabrese, owner of Facial Bar, a center for advanced aesthetics in Milan. “It is the Tra method, also practiced in the institute”.

With pure beauty effects: deflated abdomen, slimmer waist. If you then alternate three minutes of massage to one of walking (for 12 minutes in total) the results will be seen more.


1. Lying down, hands on stomach and belly, try to breathe as yoga teaches: inhale slowly inflating the abdomen and exhale letting it empty naturally.

So you calm down and perform a first important “internal” massage.

2642462. After making a few strokes clockwise around the navel with your right hand, practice with the tips of all bent fingers (except the thumbs) a first pressure in the upper abdomencentrally.

Press three times, only as you exhale. Now move your fingers to the right, under the ribs, then to the left, always pressing several times.


3. Get off and exercise more pressures next to the left hip bonethen further inward, between this and the pubic bone.

Move just above, press and move to the right, next to the hip bone first, then further up.


4. Press under the rib cage to the right and ends in the center, at the pit of the stomach.

Repeat the sequence by “drawing” smaller and smaller circles.


    1. To be used for an anti-swelling massage, Biopoint Belly and Hips Body Cream (€ 9.90, with draining principles.

    2. “Drier” and more toned belly if you massage with Clarins’ Soin remodelant Ventre-Taille (77 €,, based on empeter berry.

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