The 5 rules to integrate into your hair care routine

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Not sure if you are following the right care routine for your hair? Try to integrate these essential rules.

As you already know, if you want to get healthy and shiny hair, using the right shampoo is not enough. There is a need to integrate certain elements into your hair care routine.

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In fact, there are many factors that influence the shine, brilliance and strength of the hair. Of course, the genetic factor must also be taken into account, but a lot depends on how you take care of your hair.

Include these 5 rules in your hair care routine

Who among us does not want to show off a healthy and shiny hair? However, to get the desired results, you need to follow some rules.

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For this reason we want to help you by listing some habits that you should integrate into your hair care routine.

Regular haircuts

All the experts agree: Avoiding the salon is counterproductive to hair growth. The tips dry out and crack, so you don’t get the desired length. Regular cuts drastically reduce the presence of split ends and breaks. The advice is to trim the locks every six to eight weeks.

Leave your hair loose as often as possible

Hair needs to rest from everything it goes through during the week. Therefore experts suggest taking advantage of the weekend to let your hair rest. If possible, let them air dry, avoid heating products for styling and keep them away from a ponytail or a tight band to avoid unnecessary pulling on the hair. In other words, sometimes it is necessary to let the hair rest.

Avoid hot tools

If you insist on drying your hair every day, be smart: Don’t use the highest level of heat on your hair for a long time. Keep moving with a cooler setting and a lower speed. It takes a little longer, but the extra time will be worthwhile. If you plan to curl or straighten your hair with a straightener, we recommend applying one first protective spray.

Don’t brush your hair too much

Brushing your hair is a healthy habit, but brushing it more than once a day starts to get excessive. In fact, too frequent brushing lengthens the hair and breaks weak ends. Then brush once a day e opt for a plastic brush. In fact, the bristle brushes are particularly aggressive for the hair

Don’t take showers

It’s true that it’s nice to take a hot shower after a long day, especially in the colder months, but as you may already imagine, hot, boiling water is not good for your hair. Indeed, it dries them and, on colored hair washes the color off faster than cold water. for this reason it is better to bet on one lukewarm showerwhich is also more beneficial for the skin.

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