The 7 Minute Core Stability Workout – Video

Run a program for the stability of the corethe abdominal corset, is an important aspect and not only for the passionate of physical activity: “It helps you to stand up while maintaining a correct posture,” he explains Silvia Mazzoni from New Gym by Marconi, in Segrate (Milan). “The abdomenin fact, he is always involved in every movement you perform on a daily basis, so it is important to keep it trained. Furthermore, a good abdominal musculature has a fundamental role in preserving the health of the spine and, consequently, in the control of its stability and that relating to trunk and pelvis “. Never benefits they do not end there: «It protects the area lumbar during movement, thus helping to counteract any injuries which can arise when performing certain exercises, such as squatfor example », explains the expert.

The right workout

To reach the target put the workout into practice 7Minutes Core Stability that Silvia Mazzoni shows you in the video. You can do it every day, either alone or, if you feel like it, at the end of yours program of training. All it takes is a few minutes, a mat and one mini fitball. «This last tool, in fact, transmits one thrust mental able to make you perform the movements in a more complete», Adds the personal trainer. Now, you just have to get to work.

Watch the video!

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