The 7 positions of yoga that cure hangover

The 7 positions of yoga that cure hangover

Yoga can help relieve the symptoms of hangover, such as headaches and stomach pains: these are the best positions

Yoga is a great help to relax the mind and release tensions in the body, but it can also be an excellent cure for being drunk, just knowing how to choose the right positions. Yoga teacher Sydney Vicky Ardunel shares her knowledge with the public, describing the positions that can help overcome the classic symptoms of hangover, such as headaches, stomach cramps and nausea.

Among the most suitable yoga positions to recover after spending an evening under the banner of exaggeration is the one called "of the corpse" (Savasana) and the secret of this position lies in the progression of relaxation. We lie on our backs, close our eyes and relax the body area by area, breathing deeply. Even the "position of the child" (Balasana) is perfect for the purpose, thanks to its ability to stimulate the abdomen and promote lymphatic flow it helps to eliminate toxins. To achieve this, just squat on the legs and bring the upper part of the body forward, with the forehead touching the floor. "It can also help relieve headaches," explains Ardunel.

An equally valid and very simple position to perform is called "supine twist". You lie on your back, with your knees to your chest and slowly, you slide your knees first on one side and then on the other, keeping your arms open and your shoulders close to the floor. Even simpler is the position called "legs on the wall". It is simply a matter of lying down with your legs resting on the wall to ensure that, by improving the drainage of the legs in this position, we help the body eliminate toxins and treat headaches.
Another position has a rather funny name, the "cat-cow": on all fours, it is inspired by arching the belly and exhaling while relaxing.

Those who feel ready to try their hand at a bit more elaborate positions, can try the "laying of the garland" (Malasana): the legs widen so that the feet are more outside than the shoulders and the knees bend (being be careful not to lift your heels). Pushing with the elbows, the knees widen to stretch the thighs and the groin. You can even stretch one arm on the floor while the other is stretched towards the ceiling. Finally, the "diaphragmatic breathing" can be an excellent remedy for the after hangover: breathing deeply with the diaphragm will achieve better oxygenation of the blood and relax the nervous system.

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