The 90s nail art teaches us that the design can also arrive on the nails

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If you’ve never heard of 90s nail art, sit back and take your time to find out more. We are talking about the latest summer trend and you can’t help but know it.

The last frontier of manicure? The 90s nail art. Excessive, strong, suitable for those who hate banality, this is another of the many reminiscences of the old millennium. But revisited in a modern way.

90s nail art

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The meeting point between old and new, between yesterday and today, between vintage and modern style, it is exactly where this latest trend is born. Do you remember Missy Elliott’s style or Japanese kawaii? We will take a cue from those and the nostalgia of those times and put a touch of contemporaneity.

Born in the United States, but arrived everywhere, including Italy, this one teaches us how to make our nails very colorful, very elaborate, very original in a few steps, complete with glittery and even three-dimensional details.

But what is the 90s nail art trend really about? Here’s everything you need to know about it.

Everything you need to know about 90s nail art

We can call it a kidult style – that is, a cross between childhood tastes and adults – but in reality the 90s nail art trend really concerns everyone.

90s nail art

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Just think that hashtag # 90snail currently has 10.3 million views on Tik Tok. And we know very well how social media affects beauty trends around the world.

Basically we talk about decorations, drawings, glitter inspired by 90s music. So yes to butterflies, flowers, stickers of all kinds. There is only one conditio sine qua non: that they are colorful.

But there is no shortage of references to current world pop stars – first of all Due Lipa – and their unmistakable style.

In short, everything that means design it can come directly to our nails. And there’s more, because even in Great Britain and the USA we can also find the creation of nail art that include the childhood memorabilia of those who request it.

Obviously we need to open the chapter length: Could we ever build squiggles on a very short nail? No. So to make room for trinkets we should arm ourselves with gel, reconstruction, semi-permanent and so on and so forth.

That said, there is a nuance we can draw inspiration from? Yes obviously. And it is the top one of the summer.

We know that this year as never before we go from bright colors to neutral nuances in no time and then we go from one excess to another but we like this, because sometimes when it comes to beauty it is good to be decisive.

Not by chance, bright single colors are depopulating and, above all, orange. Vitaminic, glamorous, summery to the nth degree, this represents the warmth of summer at its best. Wearing it – even on the nails – is equivalent to a massive dose of energy, positivity, joy. And that is perhaps why it is becoming so popular.

But be careful: this is not the same color as autumn orange. This nuance also has many shades and you have to be very careful to pick the one that best suits the season in which you are.

For example, while the autumn ones tends to brick – therefore darker – the summer one it is super lit, therefore tending towards fluo, suitable for tanning.

We can therefore choose between orange, tangerine and peach, we can decide whether to choose its declination tending to red or yellow, whether to choose a pastel one, with an opaque finish or more bright.

Obviously we can merge the two trends just mentioned. How to do? Choosing an orange base on which to draw, or drawing on a neutral base but opting for patterns that go on orange.

If you want another tip, you could try Russian manicure, a very special technique.

In short, it’s summer and we have to indulge ourselves as never before, even with our manicure, so what are you waiting for to try these new trends?

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