The alarm? A matter of genes

The alarm? A matter of genes

Do you always wake up at dawn at the same time and always go to bed early, or do you prefer to stay up at night and get up in the morning is a tragedy? It all depends on a genotype: if you belong to the first category you have the genotype AA or AG, if you recognize yourself in the second type you have the GG: a question, as we will see, that will make the difference for everyone's whole life.

A search by Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and published in the Annals of Neurology has identified some genetic variants that can influence the daily rhythm of each of us, and not only. Apparently these genes, in addition to determining people's biological clock, also decide the time in which they are likely to die.

"The internal biological clock regulates every aspect of human biology and our behavior, such as the peak of cognitive performance or the time in which we prefer to sleep. This still influences the moment in which acute health events such as stroke or a heart attack, "explained Andrew Lim, who led the research.

The scientists found that a single nucleotide called "Period 1" varied between two groups of subjects who had different wake-sleep behaviors. In 60 percent of the individuals monitored at that particular point in the genome, adenine appeared and in 40 percent guanine.

"This particular genotype influences the waking-sleep pattern of practically every individual. People who have the AA genotype tend to wake up early in the morning, exactly the opposite of those that have the GG genotype," explained James Putnam, who participated at the studio.

In the 15-year study, the scientists also found that people with the AA or AG genotype tended to die at 11 am, like most of the population, while those with the GG genotype died on average just before 6 am afternoon.

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