The anti-suicide medicine: it really exists, and it is an analgesic

Suicide is a rather delicate issue to deal with, but there is good news: it seems that an anti-suicide medicine has been discovered, with an almost miraculous effect

It is called buprenorphine, it is an opiate and is considered the first real anti-suicide medicine: it is an effective analgesic able to reduce the most extreme symptoms of depression and the consequent desire for suicide within a week. Scholars from Washington State University and the University of Haifa ensure that after researching even more carefully, it will be possible to ascertain its validity as a drug.
A real innovation in the pharmaceutical sector, especially because in recent years the suicide rate has proven to be increasing, as evidenced by mental health institutes and emergency services, which every year hospitalize hundreds of thousands of people trying to commit suicide.

In terms of numbers, in 2013 more than 9 million American citizens thought of suicide; of these, around 400,000 were admitted to the emergency room for trying to end it. An experiment was therefore conducted, in which a low dose of buprenorphine was administered to a sample of 40 people suffering from depression and identified as at risk of suicide, and a placebo to another group of people.
The severity of thoughts was measured weekly for a month using a questionnaire placed by a psychiatrist, using a reference score to indicate the level of tendency to suicide, with an average value of 20. The results were surprising : those who had taken the anti-suicide medicine fell by 6 points in a week, reaching 10 points in a month, while with placebo the quota dropped by only 2 points.

According to studies that have been carried out in the universities mentioned above, if higher doses of buprenorphine were administered, positive effects would be obtained even in less than a week: however, this idea could raise many controversies, mainly related to the fact that in the United States of America the use of prescription opioids has become a real problem, at the levels of a real substance abuse.
But for now, let's keep our feet on the ground, and we think that, if it is possible to use an anti-suicide medicine that can decrease the desire to put an end to those who suffer from depression, on the other hand we need to think carefully about the consequences of continuing to take drugs, in particular opiates.

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