The apps for monitoring the menstrual cycle

The apps for monitoring the menstrual cycle

Do you want to keep your period under control without forgetting anything? Technology can help you: discover the most convenient monitoring apps

The world we live in is invested by a constant advance in technology, so advanced that it allows all women to monitor their menstrual cycle without using the classic calendar that usually hangs on the wall. However, we all have the fact that, every 28 days or so, our body begins to have some whim: a rather hard moment, sometimes painful, but an integral part of a woman's life. We are talking about the classic 5 days in which each of us finds ourselves fighting against stomach pain, back pain, nausea. We are talking about the period of the menstrual cycle that accompanies us for many years. Today it is not possible to monitor the premenstrual cycle through a series of very useful and reliable apps.

If you are not sure of how many days your cycle occurs and you have an upcoming day with friends at the spa or a beach holiday, you can certainly take advantage of the effectiveness of these applications and enjoy every moment without too many thoughts. In fact, these apps for monitoring irregular periods are an excellent ally, as well as fantastic diaries that collect a number of aspects related to ovulation, including sleep, weight, pain and even emotions. It is very interesting to find out how they are useful in reminding each of us that it is time to take the pill or buy sanitary pads, but they also allow us to record any symptoms, basal temperature and even blood test results. And if you are looking for a pregnancy, monitoring your cycle becomes a fundamental operation to perform.


  • Why is it important to keep track of the menstrual cycle?
  • The best apps to track your menstrual cycle

Why is it important to keep track of the menstrual cycle?

Monitoring the menstrual cycle with the help of an app is not only important to understand when to book the next summer vacation or a day of total relaxation at the spa with friends, but also to choose the best time to look for a pregnancy. In fact, there are several apps that can really help you understand what your fertile period is, that is the time window of the month in which ovulation occurs and, therefore, the possibility of getting pregnant. Also, if you suffer from irregular periods, a good application could certainly help you understand what a normal frequency could be. A menstrual cycle, in fact, is considered perfectly within the norm if it occurs at regular intervals of about 28 days.

Any variation in the duration of the flow may undoubtedly depend on the length of the cycle that anticipates ovulation. So, what better idea than to use an app to track the trend of the irregular menstrual cycle?

The best apps to track your menstrual cycle

Are you ready to discover the best applications that will help you track your cycle month after month? Phone in hand and start downloading! We have selected some, for us the best, but you can obviously try more than one, at least at the beginning, and choose which one best suits your needs as a woman. However, they are all very valid and very easy to use.


And here is the first app for the cycle that we choose to present to you: it is called iGyno and you can find it for both iOS and Android, it offers many services and was born from a strong collaboration with the Europe Gynecologists Association. Through this application, you can discuss with expert gynecologists, resolving any of your doubts via chat and receiving feedback within one hour at the latest. This app can be used in various ways, such as "I'm pregnant" or "I avoid a pregnancy", both customizable and for which you will be given the date of your period, ovulation, but also the fertile days and the best days to conceive a female rather than a male. In short, it is really very well done and full of details that are not at all obvious! Are you wondering if iGyno is paid? Yes it is. But it is money really well spent: in fact, the cost is only 1.09 euros per month, but the benefits are endless!


Keeping track of your menstrual cycle is very important, so that you can keep under control all the changes that go through our body at a given moment, also check the ideal period in which you are fertile and conceive. Clue is one of the best apps to monitor your cycle: it boasts a very simple and linear design and is ideal for checking the progress of your ovulation. Then, using it is really very easy and, just like most of the apps in circulation, once downloaded, it will ask you to answer a series of questions about your menstrual cycle. For example, you may be asked for the date of your last period, typical symptoms of PMS, but also if you suffer from particular pains. Once you have also entered your personal details, the app will begin to track the progress of the menstrual cycle, in a clear and natural way.

On the main screen, you will see a graph that will show you the start and end day of your period, but also the best time to conceive if you are looking for a pregnancy. Touch the calendar icon and access a sort of virtual agency, where you can enter all the parameters relating to the menstrual flow: by doing so, you can always have an eye on the progress of sleep and physical activity, together with any emotions. Therefore, it is an app to monitor the menstrual flow of all respect, designed to guarantee serious and efficient results. Also, discover the Science section to get all the information you need about being a woman and related needs.

Flo Menstrual Calendar

Do you need to monitor your menstrual cycle? Flo Menstrual Calendar is the application that is absolutely for you! This app is a valuable aid for women who have an irregular cycle and who need not only to monitor its progress, but also to check the days for ovulation. The procedure to follow is always the same: after downloading it, you will be asked to enter a series of basic information, necessary for using the app, but for which maximum privacy will always be maintained. After that, you will have to answer some basic questions: for example, if you use the app to monitor your irregular cycle or if you want to get pregnant. Based on the answers provided, therefore, the traced data and the function modes will change.

Fill in all the necessary information and start taking advantage of all the advantages of Flo Menstrual Calendar: right now, you will be able to access a menu that will allow you to enter a series of data, but also to record each symptom of the day and the parameters about yours. current state of health, your lifestyle and your emotions. Are you looking for a baby? You can activate Pregnancy Mode to track your weight and habits and check which days are ideal to conceive. Furthermore, you can download it for free for both iOS and Android. What are you waiting for? Start tracking your irregular menstrual cycle today.

Life: menstrual calendar

Life Menstrual Calendar is also an excellent app for monitoring your period and its irregularities: it is only available for iOS and has functions very similar to those presented previously. This app, unlike some, is paid, but allows you to take advantage of a series of very useful features aimed at controlling menstrual flow. However, the cost is only 2.99 euros per month! For example, the tools provided by the paid version allow you to view an annual calendar with the entire history of the menstrual cycle, export data to PDF, but also the ability to create useful and personalized tags. In short, it is really very affordable for the proposed price! However, as soon as you start the app, you will notice a really simple and intuitive interface, which will allow you to comfortably keep track of your menstrual cycle, but also your habits and mood. You have to book a vacation, but you don't know when your period will arrive? Take advantage of all the effectiveness of life: set an alert to notify you of the arrival of your period!

Maya – menstrual cycle tracker

Maya is a fantastic app for monitoring the menstrual cycle, the last of the best that we choose to present to you. Yes, immediately, you will notice its very minimal interface, but at the same time feminine and with a delicate taste. It adapts to all types of women, as it allows you to customize the main screen to your liking, thanks to a series of themes. By doing so, you will certainly feel more comfortable! Do you see the days surrounded by a yellow circle? Here, those indicate that we are approaching the fertile period; while those of green color refer properly to the fertile period.

We have already told you that it is a very intuitive app! Instead, the non-fertile days are those of blue color and you will be able to notice from the pink color the period in which the menstrual cycle will occur. In a second menu, you will have easy access to various graphs relating to weight, habits, emotions: all very useful information to monitor the cycle throughout the period. This cycle tracking app is free for both iOS and Android, but remember that there is a paid version that gives you access to more storage and data synchronization.

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