The autumn trend according to Dior: thick eyebrows

The autumn trend according to Dior: thick eyebrows

If he says Dior, all at attention: the new trend is bushy eyebrows, but with grace

The minimal eyebrows are a distant memory of the Fifties and Sixties and the trend will not change for a long time yet: the marked eyebrows of Cara Delevingne, in addition to the rest obviously, have led the model to success and underlined a trend that since 2010 grows immoderately. Surveys related to eyebrows on search engines like Google that have been growing steadily for at least 7 years, with a peak of their own in April 2017, are certainly a sign of this.

What defines the face, therefore, is no longer the mouth and the features, but the look. A look that can attract attention not only thanks to the color of the eyes, but also to the shape and composition of the eyebrows. Having abandoned the gull-wing shape that we have been looking for for years with the help of expert beauticians, the 2017 trend is to show well-groomed and thick, soft and delicate eyebrows: no dense and full look, better the soft and "Studiatamente" decomposed to make DIY with ad hoc products or with the help of a stylist.

If you don't have thick eyebrows, you will need to equip yourself with a concealer. Without being ruthless, you can draw them with a specific pencil in a delicate way, or use a mascara for eyebrows to get more volume and a natural three-dimensional effect. If you have thick, instead, you have to escape the temptation to let them grow wild: it is necessary to discipline them with a comb and, if some hair escapes or is oversized, it must be cut with a small scissors. To put order, then, just a transparent gel that keeps them fixed and composed according to the predefined outline.

In any case if he says Dior, it is impossible not to follow the new trend: let grow those hairs that seemed too much, and point only "on taming" declining the invitation of those who want to abuse the tweezer. And in defining your contour, it aims at the oriental line, the new must among the stars, from Emma Watson to Jessica Alba: the Korean is the line with a straight and thick arch that softens the look, enlarges the eyes and looks good at all. At work!

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