The bag of Meghan Markle’s most talked about outfit costs only € 50!

The Meghan Markle bag that she wore in the latest outfit that drove the whole web crazy we can make it our own for only € 50! How? With this CheDonna style guide that will explain all the secrets to being fashion!

We love to see our favorite celebrities wearing One Thousand and One Nights outfits. Most of the time, however, we remain with a bad taste in our mouth because we would like to own those outfits too but they are really too expensive. From today everything will change because we will see in this style guide how to copy the accessories of one of the most talked about outfits of the moment by spending less than € 50!

Meghan Markle bag

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The Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle has recently been at the center of a fuss, yet another, in the media that has her looks as the protagonist.

It is not clear what lies behind this stylistic choice, whether it is a priori choice or just randomness, but the fact is that Meghan Markle very often wears outfits that really look too much like those worn by her sister-in-law Kate.

The latest look Meghan wore included a black jumpsuit with a signature white bateau neckline Gabriela Hearst, a pair of designer sandals with black stiletto heels Light blue and a clutch bag of Bottega Veneta.

Whether it is copied or not, one thing is certain: iMeghan Markle’s total look works great!

The total black of the jumpsuit is perfectly combined with the black stiletto sandal, and the colorful touch of the handbag is the trendy element that makes the look less elegant and at the same time more stylish.

So why not copy it? For one simple reason: the garments worn by Meghan are really too expensive!

And here we step in CheWoman to explain that everything is possible! In fact we will see specifically how to copy Meghan Markle’s bag at a reduced price! How? Let’s begin!

Meghan Markle’s bag for less than € 50 exists, and it’s signed by Zara!

To recreate a look that we have seen in a fashion magazine or worn by an influencer, you must never literally copy all the clothes to the letter, but take inspiration. The models of clothes worn, the combinations of colors, these are the things we have to see and that we have to recreate!

Meghan Markle bag

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As we have just seen, Meghan Markle’s look in question is divine, but very expensive. Only the signed bag Bottega Veneta template mini pouch costs € 1800.

What if we wanted to copy it without spending a lot? Zara has the solution for us!

Specifically, it is a red raffia clutch bag in the same shape as the one worn by Meghan which features tone-on-tone pearl effect inserts. Cost of the scholarship? Only € 49.95.

To be worn as a colorful accessory in a total black look, or with an outfit consisting of a white t-shirt, jeans and sneakers. The red handbag is the trendy element you must have! By the way, Meghan Markle still does! Copy Kate Middleton to the letter!

Meghan Markle bag

Photo from Zara Official Site

This branded style guide ends here again for today CheWoman who saw how to copy Meghan Markle’s very expensive bag in just a few steps!

See you at the next style guide, to get to know all the fashion news in real time!