The bags of the moment are these: here’s how to get them at low cost!

Borse del momento

The bags of the moment are fun, super trendy and very expensive! But what if there was a way to get them cheap? Here is the CheDonna style guide that will explain you what are the bags of the moment and how to get them at shock prices!

Those who love shoes, those who love jewels. Or there are those who love the bags! Trendy and expensive, bags are the real element of wealth in the looks of the moment. All the influencers compete to show themselves with the most expensive and particular bag. But if I told you that there is a way to get them at a reduced price, would you believe me?

Bags of the moment

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Bags what a passion! The more we have, the more we want! But nowadays it is increasingly difficult to own a designer bag due to the soaring prices.

So we decide that we can do without that designer bag that we saw in the window that we fell in love with, but we browse the social media and the influencer we follow has just posted a photo wearing our bag!

And there our hearts bursts, because we really want to have it!

Here we enter the field of CheWoman why are we to see the trendiest bags of the moment and some ways to buy them at lower costs! Are you ready? Let’s begin!

Everyone’s favorite bags of the moment. From Gucci to Balenciaga, here’s how to get them!

Before going ahead with this style guide, we need to make a clarification: you don’t necessarily have to own a bag worth thousands of euros to be trendy. The only thing to do is to know the trends and create looks that are unique! Then yes we will be true fashion lovers!

Bags of the moment

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Let’s get to the heart of this style guide right away and see what are the bags of the moment:

  • crochet bag: whether it is the Fendi shopping bag or the Prada bag, the crochet bag is the MUST-HAVE of the moment.
  • saddle bag: mini bags that look like saddles are back in fashion. From Dior to Balenciaga, each brand has proposed its own model.
  • square hand bag: think of Queen Elizabeth and her Launer London bag which she never does without. The handbag is the fifth essence of elegance.

These are the models par excellence of 2022, but how to get them?

  • those who love to crochet can not help but create a bag! Just also are a simple one-color model, and it will become your favorite
  • many vintage shops offer a service, namely that of arranging and selling used bags. This is a way to get your favorite designer bag at a lower price.
  • never buy bags of basics. If you choose the collection ones at the end of the season they will go on sale. In this way you can have your new designer bag at a lower price. By the way, Fall fashion 2022: what will we wear next season?

Bags of the moment

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See you next style guide! Not to miss the latest fashion news, and more!

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