The beach workout that makes you more beautiful and stronger


Functional training (which helps to gain maximum control of the body) on the beach is fun, 30% more effective than exercises in the gym, because it is performed on an unstable surface, and fast. IS the preparation ideal for any sport and it is also great as a training for those who just want to be more toned, agile, faster and more resistant in everyday life.

For functional training on the sand no equipment is needed. It is a workout that intensely involves the core area, the muscles, even deep ones, of the whole trunk, and makes multiple parts of the body work together. The goal is develop a harmonic figure and improve the movement patterns, to become more agile and coordinated. Follow the advice of our expert and you will get maximum results.

Discover all the benefits

«On the sand, thanks to the instability of the supports, there is a strong commitment of all the fundamental muscles to maintain balance e calorie consumption rises by about 20% compared to training on one traditional surfaceHe comments Nicola DelbiancoDoctor of Exercise Sciences and nutritionist biologist in Cattolica (Rimini).

But that’s not enough. “The stress on muscles, tendons and joints is less than that of a workout on solid ground because the sand absorbs the bumps», Adds our expert. “He just thinks about landing on sand or asphalt after a hop. If the surface is soft, the impact is softened, that’s why even the trainers of professional sportsmen plan workouts on the beach. You work more intensively with less risk of getting hurt“.

Prepare the field

“Choose a uniform stretch of sand, never sloping, to avoid possible injuriesDelbianco suggests. “Flatten the surface well, so that you have enough space to move around safely, and draw a line in the center, 10 steps longwhich will be your reference for the hops and the various gaits of the exercises that you find below. Before starting, warm up a little. A 5 minute ride down the line is fine drawn in the sand: at a normal pace, forward, and with lateral jumps, extending the pushing leg well, on the way back ».

When finished, loosen your muscles

“Run thecat exerciseto relax your back, then lie on your stomach and pull the heel towards the buttock with your hands, to stretch the quadriceps»Suggests our expert. “Finally, turn on your back and lift first one leg and then the other upwards, keeping them taut, for an effective stretch of the thigh flexors. Conclude with a nice swim in the seato lower body temperature and loosen all muscles by swimming at a slow pace

The program

  • Tone your thighs, lats, abs and shoulders

    271120Start with the “crab walk”, resting only your hands and feet on the ground: bend forward and, bending your knees, place your palms on the ground, along the line you traced in the sand. Keep your abs tight and your elbows soft. Move forward by moving your right arm and right leg together first (figure a), then the left ones. Thus the extensors of the spine, the deltoid, the flexors of the thighs will work intensely.

    At the end of the line, execute the inverted crab. On your stomach, with your knees apart more than your hips, place your hands on the ground under your shoulders. Then walk backwards, with the pelvis up and the abdominals contracted, moving your hand and foot first to one side and then to the other (figure b). It will be intense work for the pecs, arms and abs. Repeat the full cycle 4 times.

  • Reshape your arms and legs and train your heart

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