The beard defends against infections. #lodicelascienza

The beard defends against infections. #lodicelascienza

Research overturns what was said about the beard lair of bacteria. The beard protects the face from the attack of some staphylocoils inside it there are good bacteria

Sexy and bearded males to lose your head and not only

The beard is all the rage. But women generally do not like it: it is annoying, stings, scratches and above all it would be a den of bacteria. At least what was said until recently.

Now two different searches, one conducted in hospital and one on TV, turn the beard upside down and reevaluate. That would not only protect against the attack of aggressive staphylococci, but would even house good bacteria inside, capable of fighting bad ones.

The first research was conducted in an American hospital and published in the Journal of Hospital Infection. The faces of 408 bearded and non-bearded hospital employees were examined.

This is because hospital infections are a major cause of disease and even death within hospitals. It turns out that shaved staff would have three times the chance of being a resistant methicillin staphylococcus aureus found on their newly shaved cheeks. It is a common, annoying and particularly common staphylococcus in hospital infections because it is immune to the effects of most antibiotics.

And shaving, almost always causing microabrasions on the skin, can favor colonization and bacterial proliferation.

To support the beard rehabilitation theory, another study conducted during the American BBC Trust me I'm a Doctor program, which swabbed the beard of a random group of men and sent the exams to Dr. Adam Roberts, microbiologist who works at University College London.

The result? 100 different bacteria were present in the beards examined, including the highly feared Escherichia Coli, resistant antibiotic. But also good bacteria such as Staphylococcus epidermidis, capable of killing Escherichia coli itself. In practice, the beard would have "natural antibiotics" inside.

Women, make a reason: like push-ups and abs, the beard is painful but it is good for health. Although others, in this case …

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