The beauty routine for oily skin

The beauty routine for oily skin

When you want to eliminate blackheads and pimples forever, the only solution is to activate a daily strategy. Here are some tips

Even if you are lucky enough not to be afflicted by oily skin, you may need to keep an eye – like most of us – of the infamous "T zone", the central area of ​​the face, which includes the nose, chin and forehead. This is the area that generally shows a tendency to pimples especially when hormones go crazy or when you are back from an intense session of parties and various parties. Statistically, the mixed skin is more widespread than the oily skin that is recognized by an extensive overproduction of sebum and often has thickened and gray areas because excess sebum is deposited in the follicles. In both cases a dedicated skin routine is required.

The daily skin routine is the same as dry skin (cleanse and moisturize), but the focus must be on the characteristics of the products used: they must not obstruct the pores, they must not be comedogenic (ie they must not give rise to pimples) and must not contain oils. In general, this information is specified on product labels, or written that describes products as "specific for oily or acne prone skin".

For cleansing, choose a gel or foaming product that allows you to massage your face well, especially when it comes to acne-prone parts (for those who have mixed skin, zone T), but don't be too aggressive or dry the skin too much because oily skins can be very delicate and require hydration. Rinse well, dry and then tone up with an astringent tonic: even rose water can be fine, but generally the use of tonics without alcohol is recommended.

Hydrates with light and very fluid creams, or with a serum or gel that is absorbed immediately. Also in this case, choose specific and matting products. If the skin is mixed, you can moisturize with two different products or choose products that are ideal for combination skin.

Then you can proceed with the make up, but this is another story!

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