The benefits of skates for legs, buttocks and posture

from Anna Pugliese And Gerardo Antonelli

Putting “wheels on your feet” makes you feel like kids again, but the benefits that skating is able to offer are also very useful to those who are a few years older. It helps to improve posture, gives tone to the muscles and more: «It allows you to conquer a steel B side because the pushing action typical of this discipline involves the buttocks in an important way. It also increases leg strength and endurance and helps improve balance, mobility and coordination, ”he explains Francesco Munna, personal trainer of Innfit, in Cernusco sul Naviglio (Milan). Discover three different specialties, easy to learn even as an adult

  • Classic rollerblades: you learn right away and throw yourself fearlessly

    «Inline skates offer you the benefits of running, but avoid repeated microtraumas due to the impact of the foot with the ground, which can challenge the joints, ”he explains Maria Lupinc, skating expert personal trainer. «This activity forces you to always keep your abdominals contracted, so as not to fall, and it burns about 700 calories per hour. In the open air you relax and keep your attention constant ». By stimulating the sensitivity of all the muscles of the lower limbs, you improve the ability to react. «To train well it is useful skate for 45 minutes, every 2 or 3 days. At a speed that allows you to exchange a few words, but not to chat », explains the expert. With rollerblades you intensely tone your legs and buttocks and, thanks to the effort that is never too intense but protracted over time, you fight cellulite because it stimulates microcirculation, essential for fight against water retention.

    Rollerblades “You need them with the semi-rigid knee-high, equipped with laces and hooks to tighten them and the soft shoe. The frame must be light, in aluminum or plastic, with 80 mm diameter wheels, to run fast, and a brake pad », specifies the personal trainer.

  • Freestyle: if you want to train agility

    “It is a set of disciplines that enhance dexterity and speed, leaving ample room for creativity,” he explains Maria Kroll, figure skater. Loved by the very young, it can be a fun way to improve your agility. You just need a skating rink but there are also gyms where you can practice it. Slides, cones and pins are indeed mobile. “Nello slalom they face each other, alone or in pairs, to the beat of the music, three rows of pins with increasingly complex steps, even exploiting just one of the four wheels of the skate. The roller cross it is a timed obstacle course; the free jump a leap high, over a bar; L’high jump a leap thanks to momentum on a rampwhile the proof of speed and the ride at full speed among the slaloms ». Finally there are, for fans, it slidewhich enhances precision and control, and the battle, race of evolutions between the cones. Develop agility and coordination, and train your abs and postural muscles, because you have to keep balance even in precarious positions. You can’t get out of balanceso all the torso musculature is always in action.

    Rollerblades «The rollers for freestyle are rigid, because only in this way can the movements of the foot be transferred to the wheels with precision. The frame is short and the wheels have an average diameter of 76 mm, to better manage the skates in fast passages ”, explains the expert. They generally do not have brakes.

  • Artistic on wheels: reserved for those who love dancing

    «It’s a real choreographed show, in time with the music. It can be individual or in couple, or artisticif you measure yourself with jumps and spins, or dance, if you perform the steps of the various dances, from polka to waltz. Then there are just danceindividual choreographies and show groups, where up to 30 athletes can skate in teams ”, explains Damiano De Felice, coach. Even if you start as an adult you can learn basic jumps: it is a less demanding and difficult discipline than it seems. You can do this by signing up for a course (you can find them all over Italy). You will see the results of the costume test: to pick up speed and set spinning tops and leaps, you will mainly take advantage of the buttockstoning and remodeling them.

    Rollerblades “They are made up of three main parts, boot, frame and wheels, to be purchased separately and then assembled, to adapt them to your abilities and the chosen specialty,” comments the expert. They have the wheels paired two by two, to have a turning radius that allows you to also perform spins.

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