The benefits of turmeric, a new ally against Alzheimer's and stroke

The benefits of turmeric are manifold. Recent studies have shown how this oriental spice can be a powerful ally against dangerous pathologies

The benefits of turmeric have been known for some time: this precious spice, used in oriental cuisine for a long time, has for years also landed on western tables where it has been appreciated for its multiple qualities. This powder is not only able to impart a tasty flavor to many dishes but is also known to be an excellent ally against various pathologies.
Its antioxidant properties, for example, make this food a very suitable method for weight loss. Taking turmeric every day can be a good way to dispose of extra pounds.

Furthermore, it appears that this powder with its characteristic ocher color is able to prevent the onset of different forms of cancer such as, for example, breast cancer and colon cancer. Recently, a study has shown how the benefits of turmeric can help avoid the onset of certain pathologies that seem to be increasingly common within western society. According to Giovanni D’Agata, president of the "Window of Rights", using this precious substance constantly could effectively combat Alzheimer's and stroke.

Curcumin and aromatic turmerone, these are the names of the active ingredients of the golden spice, would be able to guarantee a protective effect on the brain and vascular structures of the human body, averting these disabling diseases. Adequate concentrations of this substance would stimulate the production of stem cells and prevent dangerous cell death. The study administered curcumin and tumerone to a large sample of rats for a reasonable period of time: the brain, nervous and vascular structures of the rodents, subjected to magnetic resonance, appeared strengthened and more functional than they appeared before the treatment.

In short, research after research, it seems that a balanced and lasting state of health must necessarily make use of the benefits of turmeric in order to remain so. Recipes and suggestions proliferate on the network in order to adopt a conscious use of this precious spice. Certainly golden milk is one of the most popular: taking this tasty and delicate drink with a suggestive name every day is considered by many to be a long-lasting elixir. Seeing is believing: given the results of this latest study, it is really worth a try.

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