The benefits of white tea, antioxidant and ally of the line

Packed with health benefits, white tea is famous for being the “Emperor’s tea”: delicate, slightly sweet and fresh, it is a precious, energizing drink with a lower amount of theine compared to other tea varieties.

«The shoots of the Camelia Sinensis before they hatch, to be then lightly processed and left to dry in natural sunlight, without subjecting them to direct heat, to prevent oxidation»Says the professor Ottavio Iommelli, Head of the Integrated Medicine Center of the San Paolo hospital in Naples. Which also explains how to take advantage of the properties of white tea.

Rich in antioxidants

Among the ingredients of white tea useful for the body are caffeine and theaflavins, stimulating substances for the nervous system, and flavonoid catechins, antioxidants capable of protecting the heart and carrying out an anti-aging action. Finally, the tannins, thanks to the antibacterial action, they keep the intestinal mucosa healthy.

Anti-hunger and fat burner

White tea also has an important effect for the line: “With its abundance of polyphenols it promotes weight loss, because it has a light action inhibiting of hunger, as well as offering a thermogenic action, ie fat burning », assures our expert. “Furthermore, thanks to the richness of xanthines, alkaloids that stimulate brain activities, it helps cognitive abilities, especially in the elderly.”

Preparing white tea

“The most prized variety is Pai-Mu-Tan, from the Fujian region of China,” reveals Professor Iommelli. “It is prepared by leaving it to infuse for a maximum of 4 minutes in boiling water, then it must be left to rest for a few minutes before filtering it and then drink it still hot. In this way the active ingredients are not dispersed. To fill up on the beneficial substances contained in it, the ideal is to use 20 g of leaves of this tea for every liter of water ».