The best apps for drawing on a tablet or smartphone

The best apps for drawing on a tablet or smartphone

Is drawing your great passion? Dive into the world of digital drawing with these apps: discover them all and choose the one that's right for you

There are many applications born in recent years to draw on smartphones and tablets: thanks to these digital painting has made enormous progress, making it very easy to draw using a stylus or even your finger on the screen. Drawing is becoming truly within everyone's reach, thanks to downloadable applications that allow them to improve their technique. If drawing is your great passion, but you want to improve even more, you are reading the right mini-guide: in fact, we are ready to recommend the best apps for drawing, perfect for both iOS and Android. It doesn't matter that you are the greatest artist these days, these apps are sure to help you improve your skills and constantly cultivate your hobby. All you need is a tablet or a smartphone, but we are sure you have at least one of these devices, a lot of patience and a desire to learn.

Of course, you also need a good connection, as this is a drawing application that needs the Internet to work. Furthermore, most of the applications can be downloaded for free even if to access some tools it may be necessary to subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription. In this article, you will discover the existence of many apps, each with their own predefined tools, but also extra options that you can purchase to work at a higher quality level. Not only apps to design and draw business plans, but also to create projects related to the fashion sector: did you know that, nowadays, it is also possible to sketch the dress of your dreams on your tablet or smartphone? Just download the right application! That said, we're ready to get started: you'll see, drawing while having fun has never been easier!


  • Infinite Painter
  • Adobe Illustrator Draw
  • Paper
  • Bamboo Paper
  • Autodesk SkecthBook
  • Adobe Sketch

Infinite Painter

Infinite Painter is the ideal app for drawing: throw away paper, brushes and colors and get yourself a good tablet! Here is the application that will allow you to fully express all your talent and creativity, without any limits. If you are anchored to the good old Windows Paint, know that it is time to turn the page, look to the future and cultivate your favorite hobby in a new perspective.
This is one of the best apps for drawing, it includes many brushes, as well as several tools to work to the best of possibilities. In addition, it has many features typical of the most well-known photo editing programs: for example, support for layers and masks, as well as the presence of various perspective guides.

It was created by the Infinite Studio Mobile team and today is considered the app par excellence most appreciated by lovers of drawing and painting. It provides up to 80 brushes and the enormous possibility of creating new ones. Infinite Painter also allows you to import images directly from your smartphone or tablet in a few moments, or to upload a file in PSD format. Most importantly, however, it is available for free for both systems but, as is very often the case, some tools are only available for a fee. It could still be a good investment to make. What do you say?

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Among the best-known apps for drawing we find Adobe Illustrator Draw: downloadable for free and allows you to create vector character drawings, even freehand. In fact, it is the perfect solution for vector graphics and it is no coincidence that it is one of the favorite software of professionals. It is perfect for creating logos, comics, cartoons and diagrams, but also flyers and leaflets of various kinds. If you are not new to this field, this app could really be for you, as it requires the basic knowledge and techniques of drawing and painting. The app is still very valid even for the less experienced, as there are several tutorials on the official website to learn the basic functions of this software. Adobe Illustrator Draw offers a wide range of tools and vector brushes, which allow you to use the toolbar to your liking. The time has come to give free rein to your creativity!


Do you have an iOS system? Then Paper is the app for drawing that is absolutely for you! It is completely free and designed specifically for those who are practical in drawing with the iPad. Paper is not just an app, but the best way to express your ideas: whether it's the draft of a project, the renovation of your living room or a business plan. Thanks to Paper you can free all your bizarre and creative ideas using Pencil, the hand-made Bluetooth smart pen. The technology of this tool will allow you to lightly draw, fade, with your finger and even erase. Start unleashing your creativity by downloading the app: at the first start you can watch a short tutorial that will teach you how to use the app to the fullest and make the most of your content.

After learning the basics, access your work area on the main screen, click on one of the notebooks available and start drawing using the potential of the tools available: the eraser, very useful for erasing any errors; the highlighter, perfect for highlighting an area that is important to you; the felt-tip pen, to draw fine and delicate lines; but also the pencil, perfect for creating short strokes. To use some more advanced tools, however, you will be required to take out a subscription of € 6.49 each month. By doing so, you can use additional tools, such as the ruler, the roller, the scissors. In short, for such a negligible cost, we recommend that you subscribe to the Pro version of the application.

Bamboo Paper

Do you already know Bamboo Paper? It is one of the most popular drawing apps for iPads and smartphones ever. In practice, we are talking about a sort of notebook for notes and notes within reach of a tablet: by exploiting the width of the screen, you can certainly make more thorough use of it. It was created by Wacom, a very famous company that has invested in the simplicity and intuition through which the product can be exploited. This drawing app allows not only to take notes, but also to color and highlight the things of greatest interest thanks to a series of fundamental tools such as virtual brushes and markers.

Download the app for free, register with Inkspace and manage the synchronization of your favorite content as you wish. At the first start, you will get completely into the heart of this software and you can start exploiting the potential of all the tools you have at your disposal: choose your favorite brushes and markers and decide on color, stroke and much more to be able to create something really special. Then, did you know that it is even possible to select the type of paper to work on? With vertical and horizontal stripes, but also with checks!

Autodesk SkecthBook

Autodesk SketchBook: the name seems to indicate something incomprehensible, but in reality it is an app for drawing that is certainly one of the most popular. It's perfect for those who love freehand drawing, it's free to download, and will help you cultivate your hobby better. It is not a particularly advanced application, but perhaps the favorite of those who are beginners and approach the world of digital painting with great caution. In fact, the interface is not complicated at all, on the contrary, too intuitive and without too many pretensions. This application also offers a wide range of brushes, pencils and markers and allows you to draw lines and strokes very precisely.

However, there are also slightly more sophisticated and higher-level tools such as, for example, the magic wand, tools for filling photos, but also layer layers. As very often happens, some of the tools can only be used by signing up for a subscription, even if the basic version is completely free. Surely, the paid version offers customizable features, various effects and allows you to work with greater precision on images.

Adobe Sketch

Adobe Sketch is the perfect app for designing clothes and used mostly by amateurs and aspiring stylists. The purpose of this app is precisely to give maximum vent to your creativity and create crazy dresses and suits. It is very similar to Adobe Draw, but boasts many other tools, such as pens, markers, pencils and watercolors to create delicate and well-defined images. Create something unique and rare in any place and at any time, using all the tools that this app puts at your disposal. You can draw in digital format using the huge amount of brushes that this app boasts and create highly personalized illustrations on multiple levels. Adobe Sketch allows you to draw freehand and also use extra tools, such as regular shapes that you can tilt and zoom to your liking. The grids, then, are a really important help, as they allow you to draw perfect lines with a low margin of error. This app is available as a free version and could really improve your drawing technique, especially if you are an aspiring stylist.

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