The best apps for finding recipes and cooking

The best apps for finding recipes and cooking

Do you want to find many ideas for your recipes without throwing away even one of the ingredients you have in the fridge? Discover the best anti-waste apps

Cooking is not only essential for people's livelihoods, but it is an educational action that has many social implications. In fact, there are many parents who, through the kitchen, teach their children how important it is not to waste food, but to use the right creativity to give them new life. In recent years, many recipe apps have been developed that have various objectives such as helping to make a performing shopping list and providing tips for making simple recipes with the ingredients available at home: here are the most used ones and why.

Cooking apps: which ones to use

According to data provided by FAO and Coldiretti, at least one ton of food is wasted every year in the world; specifically in Italy each inhabitant wastes 124 kilos of food per year. To avoid continuing in this direction of total unsustainability, some apps have been created that provide useful advice on how to maximize the use of food, purchase products wisely, learn how to best preserve food and thus reduce waste.

Pucci Fridge

Pucci Frigo is an app available for Android that remembers the food deadlines, in order to avoid unnecessary waste. It works very intuitively because you just have to mark the name of the food and the expiration date: foods are marked with a cheerful face when there are many days left to the expiration date, while sad when they approach the date. Notifications on the status of the food arrive on a daily basis, so as not to risk going unnoticed.


Very often food waste is also caused by incorrect storage after they have been opened. So in addition to throwing away the food that has actually expired, there is also the risk of not knowing how to keep it, wasting food that is actually still good. From this awareness was born the UBO food waste platform and app (a good opportunity) which informs people about the correct storage of food.

Eco from the Fridge

The cooler app par excellence is Eco dal Frigo, created by Mission Children against food waste. With this app you can find many ideas for cooking, using the ingredients you have available in the refrigerator. This cooking app is also very useful for entertaining the little ones and making them have fun in the kitchen, putting all their creativity to the test.

My Foody

MyFOODY is an app, available for both iOS and Android, which allows you to find offers from the nearest supermarkets, significantly saving on shopping and reducing food waste. Among the selected foods you can find good ones, but close to expiry, those with packaging defects and seasonal ones that otherwise would risk being wasted.

Ecofood Prime

Ecofood Prime is an app, available for both iOS and Android, founded by two guys to fight food waste and build a network of quality commercial offers. How does it work? Through an ecoshop on the smartphone, each user can receive offers from the nearest points of sale that offer food close to expiry, products with aesthetic defects or in excess, etc. These products can be purchased at advantageous prices and Ecofood Prime also acts as a food organizer because it sends timed notifications to remind you of the approaching deadlines of the foods purchased. This app provides ingredients for delicious, low-budget recipes, effectively fighting food waste.

Empty fridge

Svuotafrigo is an application that is available for iOS and Android and provides some useful tips for using the ingredients in the fridge in a creative and tasty way. This recipe app offers over 10,000 dishes that can be made in a more or less elaborate way and can be shared through the main social networks. All you have to do is select the ingredients you have available in the refrigerator and choose the most delicious recipe proposed.

Saffron Yellow

Giallo Zafferano is one of the best known and most popular recipe apps and is available for both iOS and Android. Among its many functions is that of searching for recipes starting with the ingredients available. In this way, each person can find the right inspiration to make the best use of the remaining ingredients, without incurring any type of waste.

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