The best apps for keeping accounts and managing expenses

The best apps for keeping accounts and managing expenses

Managing daily expenses can be tricky, that's why you might need an expense management app – find the best ones

Due to the hectic life we ​​lead every day, it is easy to miss a few details. If these details are minimal, negligible, then all is forgiven; but, on the other hand, if the accounts do not square, then the situation becomes serious. Yes, how many of us will have happened – especially since you always have your credit card or debit card, instead of the old cash – to not be able to keep perfectly track of the expenses made? We arrive at the end of the month and: surprise! The statement is much higher than we ever thought. Has this ever happened to you?

To prevent this "unpleasant inconvenience" from happening to you, especially in times when daily tasks crowd the mind by removing concentration, technology can come to our rescue. To keep an accurate account of the purchases you make during the month, you can download one of the many and very useful apps for managing expenses. By now their use is depopulating and now, reading this article, you will understand why!


  • Hype: the universal multi-platform application
  • Expense Manager for Android devices
  • My expenses for Android devices
  • Moneon for iOS devices
  • BudJet for iOS devices
  • Settle Up: the application to divide the expenses

Hype: the universal multi-platform application

Hype is an app for managing cross-platform expenses, so you can find it on all digital stores: Android, iOS and Windows. In this way, regardless of the hardware you are using and its operating system, you can keep track of your expenses wherever you are and at any time. Hype is to all intents and purposes a “smart account”, that is an account based on electronic money that can be managed completely by device, thanks to which you can keep track of the expenses made and the various money movements. Not only that, registering with this app to control expenses will periodically entitle you to receive exclusive discounts and, in addition, by accumulating points by reaching savings goals, you can win many interesting prizes! Opening the Hype account is simple and intuitive. Once you have downloaded the application from the digital store, just log in and follow the guided procedure step by step.

Shortly after filling in the data (for which, please note, a valid identity document is required), you will be offered a tariff plan: Hype start, the basic plan with no fixed monthly costs; Hype Next for € 2.90 / month and allows a whole series of advantages compared to the basic plan, such as the domiciliation of the salary; and Hype Premium for € 9.90 / month which instead offers all the offers of the previous plans in addition to full insurance for each of your trips and the World Elite Mastercard debit card for your purchases. The operation of the application is really simple, and from the home page you can view your current balance, the trend of your expenses and the list of all the movements made in the last month, so that you can not always have an eye bills and expenses.

Expense Manager for Android devices

Expense Manager is an application dedicated exclusively to Android, and for this specific operating system it is by far the best on the market. To be able to use it you will first have to access the Play Store, download it and install it on your mobile device. Once this is done (it will take a few minutes!), Just "tap" the application and start keeping an eye on your expenses. The home page, in fact, is presented as a summary grid of exits and entries, with the subdivision by days, weeks, months or years depending on the set period.

With the Expense Manager application it will be possible to enter the expenses made each time – manually – or, through the appropriate option, enter the recurring expenses over a certain period of time. But this application doesn't just keep track of your expenses! With Expense Manager you can also acquire and store receipts and invoices, so as not to risk unwittingly throwing them in the trash and then asking yourself at the end of the month "what was this expense?".

My expenses for Android devices

My Expenses is another application developed solely for devices with the Android operating system. After downloading and installing it, you will realize that the organization is completely different from Expense Manager: My expenses in fact organizes all its contents thanks to a drop-down menu. Thanks to the item "operations list" it will be possible to manage and view all movements, both outgoing and incoming. To add a movement, however, you will need to refer to the appropriate "+" button at the top right of the screen. Although this expense management application – available in Italian – is particularly complete in terms of functionality already in its basic version, the premium version at € 2.79 will give you the opportunity to access exclusive services, such as registration. at the places where you make the most purchases.

Moneon for iOS devices

Moneon is an application developed solely for devices that have an iOS operating system. Just like any other application, in order to use it you will need to access the App store, download and install the app on your device. Upon opening, the home page presents the user with a practical and useful tutorial on using the application itself, so that he can immediately grasp its full potential. Also in this case – since the app is not connected directly to a bank account – the information about expenses and income will have to be entered each time, manually, using the appropriate "+" button.

Interesting are the tags that can be associated with each particular expense to better identify it. You can choose between the expense / earnings options, insert a note or a tag and attach a photograph describing the movement made: a useful feature to avoid losing receipts and invoices. Another interesting feature of Moneon for iOS is the ability to set a limit budget: when the set limit has been reached, the application will warn you with a notification, so that you can – from then on – limit yourself in spending.

BudJet for iOS devices

BudJet is an application to control expenses designed exclusively for the iOS operating system, which can be downloaded completely free of charge from the App Store. Once installed on your device, click on "Start using BudJet" to access the app home page and start monitoring your expenses. Here you will find a list of transactions, both incoming and outgoing and, to add a movement, all you have to do is click on the appropriate "+" button. Using BudJet is simple and intuitive and – thanks to the special tags made available – you can place the expense or credit in different categories, also adding text or photographic notes. Like many other expense management applications, BudJet also allows you to set monthly spending goals, view monthly income / expense statistics, and set a budget limit.

Settle Up: the application to divide the expenses

What if, on the other hand, the expenses were not only to be controlled, but also to be divided among several people, like during a holiday with friends? Don't worry, the solution to your budget problems is called Settle Up and is available for both iOS and Android operating systems, so that everyone can freely use it. How Settle Up works is very easy to understand: you create a "virtual group" by inserting friends who participate in the division of expenses via e-mail or telephone number.

Each member of the group will then have to manually enter the expenses made, with the possibility of accompanying them with textual or photographic notes. At the end of the holiday, the exact amount that each member must pay and / or receive will appear in the center of your group's home page, so that everyone – at the end of the holiday – has spent exactly the same amount of money. Settle Up is therefore the ideal application not only for managing expenses, but also for avoiding unpleasant "economic" quarrels at the end of a nice and relaxing holiday with friends!

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