The best apps to chat: here are the alternatives to WhatsApp

The best apps to chat: here are the alternatives to WhatsApp

There is not only WhatsApp, here are the best alternative messaging apps to the well-known service to chat with friends, relatives and colleagues in a safer and easier way. Let’s find out together.

Hand in hand withevolving technologies also there verbal communication and the interpersonal relationships have undergone an evolution. Today, with all the tools we have at our disposal, consolidating bonds, making new friends, having business meetings or simply chatting with someone who is miles away from us, is much easier.

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However, basically, we are used to communicating with the best known and most popular means, Whatsapp. You know there are other messaging platforms to chat around the world so more safe or fast or even simple?

Here are the best alternative apps to WhatsApp to communicate and chat with anyone we want.

The best alternatives to WhatsApp, here are the apps to chat with everyone

If we think about chatting with someone, WhatsApp is the first application that comes to mind. In fact, the well-known instant messaging platform of the Meta group reached the figure of 1.5 billion active users worldwide in 2018.

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All our virtual chats go through there. However, as its use grows, they grow as well concerns about the service regarding privacy and data protection.

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For this reason, in this article we will show you valid alternatives to chat safely.


The first application we will talk about is certainly the best known among WhatsApp competitors. It is about Telegram. The platform is considered one of the best messaging apps currently available on the market.


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Telegram is an open source application and is compatible with almost all devices and also available for the Desktop version. To use it you don’t necessarily need to have your mobile phone connected to an internet network, and this makes it even easier to use.

In addition to the features in common with WhatsApp, Telegram allows you to send videos messages in the same way as audio messages and offers the possibility to create channels (i.e. conversations in which a single person posts messages and multimedia content and the others follow him), create secret chats where messages self-destruct e share various types of documents in chat (including PDFs). Furthermore, the quality of multimedia contents is not affected.

For its secret chats, Telegram uses a system of end-to-end encryption which allows only legitimate senders and recipients to decrypt the content of the messages.

Line: Calls and SMS

Line is an instant messaging app for all devices. It was created in 2011 in Japan by the Naver Corporation and was subsequently launched in other countries, including Italy, where its popularity has grown more and more, in fact in a period it was extremely well-known and then fell into oblivion.

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Line allows you to send private and group messages, as well as make calls and video calls. Its structure closely resembles that of a social network and to that of a cluster of applications that integrate with its main service, for example “Popcorn Buzz” which allows you to make group calls of up to 200 people, “LINE HERE” to share your position in real time with your contacts, “LINE Camera” to add filters and different effects to your photos (you can choose from more than 5000 functions).

From a data security point of view, the end-to-end encryption for all calls, video calls, group and private chats.

LINE is therefore an interesting alternative to WhatsApp because it not only aims to provide the classic services of an instant messaging app, but also approaches the features offered by social networks, which could capture the attention of a wider target.


The third application we want to tell you about is WeChat. It is a Chinese application born as great alternative to WhatsApp.



Although WeChat arrived in Italy, the application did not have the expected success. Despite this, it continues to be used in China as an alternative to WhatsApp.

It is an app compatible with all the major ones desktop and mobile platforms and even includes a payment system to send money to your contacts.

The Chinese app allows you to have group conversations, exchange photos, make calls and video calls with friends and relatives and is like a social network internal through which users can share their shots with the public.

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