The best apps to download to edit your photos

The best apps to download to edit your photos

Are you a photography enthusiast? Then you can't miss this list of unmissable apps to make your shots absolutely unique

Photos are the best way to capture any beautiful moment of our life: a beach or mountain holiday, a trip out of town, a lunch with friends, the birthday of a loved one. In short, nowadays it is really important, if not fundamental, to capture any moment and make a very good memory of it. And if the shots of your friends on social media are always one step ahead of yours, it is our duty to strive to find the ideal solution to "always be on the spot"! Having beautiful photos to post on social networks is not an impossible task and it does not matter if you do not have all the professional equipment of a great photographer: first of all, it is good to have a smartphone with a good quality camera and then a series of photo editing apps.

Don't forget, then, that the way a photo is taken also makes a difference: angle, light, perspective. These are all aspects to always keep in mind if you want to show off a crazy gallery on social media. Not convinced yet? Continue reading this article and discover all the apps to edit photos that cannot be missing on your phone.

The best photo editing apps

It doesn't matter if you're not a technology guru: you don't need any special skills to use the photo editing apps we recommend. A little practice will be more than enough. Surely, you can imagine that there are many apps dedicated to photo editing, both free and paid.

The choice of a paid app or not depends a lot on the use you make of the photographs: for example, those who use social media to work or make their business known will certainly be more inclined to have professional and well-maintained photographs. On the contrary, those who surf the Internet for pleasure, posting photos of the most exciting trip of their life, will tend to use apps to edit free photos. However, subscriptions to photo editing apps never have too high prices, especially if they are dedicated to mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets and iPads.


Snapseed is obviously among the most famous photo editing apps, one of the most used. It is not only ideal for photo-editing, but also allows you to add a series of captions to the photo you are retouching. This application is distributed by Google and offers all the classic and necessary tools to edit images: contrast, brightness, cropping, rotation and various filters. In fact, there are 13 filters present, each of which has a series of predefined settings that can be exploited to your liking. Using it is not that difficult, you must first download it and then start it by pressing on Open or on the button in the center of the screen and, finally, select the photo you want to edit.

As we said, this app offers many tools and artistic effects: just press on the name of the filter you have chosen to be able to apply it. Finally, remember to always save any changes made and export the image to share it on your favorite social networks. One of the great advantages of this application is the fact that it is completely free and adaptable for both iOS and Android. Download it now and start adding a unique touch to your photos!


VSCO Cam is one of the best photo editing apps: in fact, it is not only used by amateurs, but also by professional photographers. VSCO is the acronym for Visual Supply Company, the company that created the app and is based in Oakland, California. As you may have understood, we are talking about an application with all the trimmings, which boasts a huge community, whose Instagram hashtag has at least 189 million posts. This app, in fact, automatically adds the hashtag of the same name. Download it on your smartphone, start it and register with your email address to start using it. After logging in, click on the symbol at the top right, select the photo you want to retouch and import it.

From here, you can start taking advantage of all the amazing tools this app can provide: crazy presets, capture parameters, contrast, brightness, but also filters and much more. In short, this photo editing app is truly complete in all respects. Once you've tweaked the photo to your liking, it's time to save it and share it with all your friends. Therefore, click on the Save item and choose the sharing option you want. Last but not least, we want to mention that VSCO Cam is free and perfect for both iOS and Android systems.


Lightroom is also very popular among the best photo editing and effects apps: it is completely free and allows you to catalog, as well as edit, all our photos in a single environment. Obviously, it is almost obvious to say that it also allows the sharing of images on all social networks. This application revolutionized the world of photo editing, as it was the first app capable of processing and managing the entire work of a photographer. First of all, it allows you to view all the photos on your mobile very quickly, using, for example, keywords or geographical coordinates. Edit each photograph in a completely autonomous way and allows you to share each shot with a single and simple click. We strongly recommend using this app to edit photos, as it overcomes all the limits that any camera sets and does not denigrate the image in post-production. It is free and downloadable in a few moments!


Looking for a photo editing app full of cool filters and effects? Then Pixlr is just what you need! In fact, this super application has many filters, effects and tools of all kinds, perfectly able to satisfy everyone's tastes. It also offers the ability to add stickers and borders, ideal for creating a beautiful photo collage. Maybe your favorite beach holiday!
Download it and start working on your photos in a simple and dynamic way: select the photo you want to edit, click on the briefcase icon to access all the tools available to edit images: rotation, cropping, contrast, brightness. In short, everything you need to create unique photos! Once you have applied all the changes you want, you can safely save the photo on your device or share everything online, for example on social networks. We would like to remind you that this app is totally free!


We have so far recommended the best free photo editing apps: all full of tools and filters to make your favorite photos absolutely unique and inimitable. However, there is also a series of apps for retouching paid photos or in any case semi-free solutions: in fact, very often, these apps allow you to test some basic functions, but a subscription and therefore a monthly payment are required for a complete package. Very frequently, these are subscriptions with an almost negligible price. Prisma is one of these: it is perfect for both iOS and Android and features a series of high-level tools, allowing you to transform each photo into a real illustration. Therefore, it is a very popular application even by professional photographers and not only by those who shoot for passion during a trip.

The great peculiarity of this photo retouching app is its being able to process photos directly online, thanks to an active internet connection and access to exclusive filters only by signing up for a subscription. Install it for only 7.99 euros on your device and start editing your photos! After downloading it, you can choose to take the free trial by following all the instructions you see on the screen and complete the registration procedure. From the Gallery, as often happens, you can select the image you want to edit and use all the free filters made available by the app itself. Once you've retouched the photo, save it and show the whole community how important it is to have a well-curated gallery in step with trends. Prisma could become your best ally for perfect and professional photos every day!


Afterlight is a paid app for editing photos, although a free basic function is available that allows the user to learn to be familiar with it. Obviously, the basic version does not boast the many extra tools that can be found in the paid one (for only 3.49 euros per month!). It almost goes without saying that it is available for both iOS and Android. For well-curated and trendy photos, this app is really ideal: it is easily downloadable and intuitive to use. Click on the button depicting a camera to edit a photo to be taken at the moment, or on the postcard icon to select one from your personal gallery. From here, a screen will open with many options ideal for editing each photograph: select your favorite parameters, such as exposure, contrast and brightness and enter the best filters on the market. There are many and for all tastes! At the end of the work, save your image and choose the size in which you want to export it.

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