The best apps to plan your day

The best apps to plan your day

The daily commitments are so many, that's why an app can be useful to manage them better: find out which one is right for you!

How many times have you reached the end of the day and still have a lot of things to do ?! Every now and then, thanks to the hectic and busy days, it seems to never be able to have enough time available to finish all the things and commitments that you had marked in the agenda. As if time was always too short! But have you ever stopped to think about "how you really spend your time"? Often we don't notice it, but there are daily activities – such as constantly shaking social networks – that slow down our daily activity, making us procrastinate everything we really should do!

There is a solution to organize all our commitments and try to complete them by evening, and it is kindly and often free of charge offered by technology: apps to organize the day. With the help of these applications and a little willpower, all the commitments that seemed insurmountable are neatly organized just a click away.


  • ATracker
  • Todoist
  • Doodle
  • Trello


ATracker is an application for planning daily activities that helps you to mark and organize the time to devote to each activity. Its operation, absolutely intuitive, is based on the use of a pie chart that symbolizes the 24-hour day: the larger the slices, the more time to devote to the reference activity. ATracker is an application available on all stores – from the App Store to the Play Store – which can then be downloaded from devices that run on iOS and Android operating systems. It can be downloaded easily and for free and, upon opening, you will be asked whether to continue using the free version or whether to subscribe to the Pro or Premium version (Pro at a price of 3.09 euros for Android and 5.49 euros for iOS and Premium with a subscription of 2.89 euros / month or 28.99 euros / year for Android and 2.99 euros / month or 27.49 euros / year for iOS).

What varies between the various subscriptions? The Pro subscription allows you to enter an unlimited number of activities during the day, against the 5 of the basic package, as well as the ability to export data, remove advertisements and synchronize via Dropbox. The Premium package, in addition to all the additional features already offered by the pro package, allows you to check the performance of the app on a multiple platform, therefore also from a Mac or PC. Its use is really very simple: just click on the appropriate "+" button to create and insert a new activity to be performed daily. To complete the entry, you will have to give a unique name to the activity, assign it a reference color and add a description of the task. You can also add an alarm to define the time in which this activity must be carried out.


Todoist is a very useful and extremely functional app for planning the day, created following the model of the famous paper "to-do-lists". Unlike these, however, everything is managed in an IT way, which exponentially speeds up management times, saving you a large amount of time. Todoist is available on all digital stores – from App Store to Play Store – therefore downloadable from devices that work with both iOS and Android operating systems; it is also available for Windows 10, Linux; as a plugin for Gmail and Outlook; and as an extension of the Google, Firefox, Safari and Chrome browsers. To download it will take a few seconds and, upon opening, you will have to choose whether to join the service for free – using the basic package – or buy the premium package or the Business package (the cost of the Premium package is 4 euros / month , or 36 euros / year; while the price of the Business package is 6 euros / month or, with annual payment, 60 euros / year).

Compared to the basic version, the paid packages differ in the ever-increasing number of daily activities that can be included and of collaborators who can join the implementation of the aforementioned activities. Furthermore, the basic package does not have the possibility to insert comments, multimedia files, labels, filters, activity log and assistance as an attachment to the various daily activities. The Business account, designed for companies, also allows you to assign specific roles, a shared B or B team and a billing service to employees. Once you have downloaded the application and chosen the package that best suits your needs, just click on the appropriate "+" button to create and enter a new activity to be performed daily and specify the goal to be achieved. The activity must then be accompanied by a name, a color and any collaborators. The summary of all activities can be viewed in the Inbox. Here you will find the "Today" tab with the activities planned for today and the "next 7 days" tab to view the commitments of the week.


For those who occupy most of the day between one appointment and another, the best time management application is undoubtedly Doodle. Thanks to Doodle, you will be perfectly able to plan engagements, appointments, job interviews and meetings with other people who collaborate on the project. The app is available on all digital stores – from the App Store to the Play Store – so it can be downloaded from devices that work with both the iOS and Android operating systems. Once installed on your device, before you can use it you will have to choose the tariff plan: in the free version, in the Starter version at 3.50 euros / month, in the Pro version at 5 euros / month, in the Team version by number of users (5 users at 25 euros / month, 50 euros / month for 10 users and 100 euros / month for 20 users) and in the Enterprise version, for companies that need more customization, control and assistance with a price to be determined.

To start scheduling appointments with people, just click on the appropriate "+" button to create a survey: this will be used to organize the event, giving participants the opportunity to choose between the various days made available through the "Find a date ". To organize the survey you will need to give it a title, select some dates to be made available, add a place and some notes to describe the event even better. Once the survey has been created, simply invite participants via the major instant messaging channels: Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, SMS, or copy the link and send it directly via e-mail.


To have even more freedom, without having to comply with the rules of a specific scheme, but to add and organize the various activities to be performed as you like best, Trello is the application to organize the day that's right for you. The operation is simple and is based on the use of cards to be added and moved according to the progress of the activity itself: you will decide the various progress and the activities to which to assign a card. The basic version of Trello is completely free and cross-platform: once downloaded to your device – both iOS and Android – you can update it at any time by logging in from Mac or PC with the credentials used during registration. To start planning your daily tasks, you'll first need to create a board.

Within this – which can hypothetically symbolize the current week – you will instead have to freely enter the days and the various activities in the form of cards. Each card must be accompanied by the name of the business it represents and may be accompanied by tags, to-do-lists, colors and deadlines. For the realization of a shared activity plan, it will be sufficient to request – via e-mail address – the collaboration on the bulletin board of other participants. Trello then gives, completely free of charge, the "Butler" feature: Trello learns the most recurring card moving actions and, every time a card is completed, the application will move it for you completely automatically.

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