The best exercises for facial gymnastics

The best exercises for facial gymnastics

Would you like to keep your facial skin toned and supple? Find out how facial gymnastics can help you and what are the most effective techniques

Not only expensive creams or lifting: to keep the skin young and elastic, a few minutes of facial gymnastics a day are enough. These are simple contraction exercises of the muscles of the face or neck which, carried out consistently, offer many benefits. In addition to improving circulation and making the skin firmer, they also give it a pleasant pink color. The exercises must necessarily be integrated into the skin routine and performed for 10-15 minutes every day. There are obviously different varieties depending on the area you intend to correct: here are the most common ones.

Anti-wrinkle facial gymnastics

The muscular area around the lips is among the first to lose tone with advancing age. The first small furrows start to appear around the age of 30, but if you have particularly dry skin, they may appear earlier. If you have this type of problem, perform targeted exercises by positioning yourself in front of a mirror:

  • relax the facial muscles as much as possible;
  • slowly stretch the corners of your mouth, as when you smile. Keep your mouth as tight as possible;
  • hold the position for 10 seconds and return to the starting position;
  • repeat the exercise with a variation: that is, show the upper dental arch, remembering, however, not to involve the area around the eyes in the movement. Also maintain this position for 10 seconds;
  • open your mouth in the widest possible smile showing all the upper teeth but not the gums;
  • after 10 seconds return to the starting position.

Gymnastics for the eye area

The area around the eyes can also lose tone, with the appearance of so-called "crow's feet". Here is an exercise that might help you:

  • close your eyes and bring your middle fingers to the outer corners of the eyes by pulling the eyelids towards the temples (Chinese eyes);
  • try to open your eyes by forcing as much as possible;
  • hold the position for 20 seconds;
  • repeat 10 times.

If, on the other hand, your main problem is dark circles, try this type of exercise:

  • blink your eyelids ten times;
  • close them normally for 10 seconds without frowning;
  • focus on relaxing your face and breathing;
  • repeat the operation 10 times;
  • stretch all the other muscles of the face.

Finally, drooping eyelids are among the most insidious imperfections around the eyes. In addition to aging, genetic factors or wrong lifestyle habits can also contribute to the onset of this nuisance. To ease it, try performing this exercise:

  • forcefully raise your eyebrows for 20 seconds without frowning;
  • try to bring them as high as possible and each time return to the starting position;
  • pause and repeat the same movement 10 times.

Facial gymnastics for the double chin

The annoying layer of fat beneath the chin is a problem many women have to contend with. The relaxation of the muscles in this area is in fact linked to various factors, such as age or the yo-yo effect with weight. To ease the double chin, try this exercise:

  • with the head back, lift the jaw upwards by pushing the chin forward in order to bring the lower teeth in front of the upper teeth. You will feel the muscles stretch;
  • hold the position for 20 seconds and return to the starting position;
  • to relax all muscles, make a face as if yawning;
  • repeat the operation 10 times.

Facial gymnastics for forehead wrinkles

The famous "lion's wrinkle" is found between the eyebrows, and gives the face a severe and not very relaxed air. Here's how you can fight it:

  • place the index fingers at the root of the eyebrows;
  • try to frown by resisting with the 2 fingers;
  • hold the pressure for 20 seconds;
  • repeat 10 times.

Facial gymnastics for the cheekbones

Among the worst consequences of aging, there is also the emptying of the cheekbones. In this area of ​​the face the muscles easily lose tone, with the result that the cheekbones are less high and pronounced. Here's how to fight this blemish:

  • smile letting your teeth show and hold the position for 10 seconds.
  • Keeping your smile, say the letter I loudly and accentuate it for 10 seconds.
  • repeat 10 times.
  • alternatively you can perform the exercise by replacing the letter "I" with the letter "X".
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