The best eyeshadow for the summer? We reveal what it is and why you will love it

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Just like any other cosmetic, eyeshadow in the summer tends to melt and last very little.

For this reason we tend to oa prefer very simple make-up, almost basic, or to give up eye makeup altogether.

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The main problem is that the pigmented powders of traditional eyeshadows they end up with melt with sweat, often ending up accumulating in the small wrinkles of the eyelid.

The result is a visibly scarred eyelid and a weighted, aged look also unattractive.

This effect is greatly amplified by the bright eyeshadow powders, which contain large quantities of “metallic” particles, that is, capable of reflecting light.

This “strobe effect” ends up making the small wrinkles of the eyelid and eye contour even more visible when the eyeshadow moves and also “invades” the temple area.

How can this problem be solved without giving up colored, elaborate and brilliant make-up?

Liquid eyeshadow is perfect for summer – here’s how it will fix your life!

Just like blush, mineral foundation and all other powder products, classic eyeshadow does not withstand sweat and face rubbing well.

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Just like all other products the secret of flawless makeup in the summer is to switch to liquid products.

The reason is that the texture of these products blends with the skin, thus coming to adhere perfectly to it.

If it applies little product well spread therefore a very thin film is created, practically devoid of thickness but capable of giving the face color, brightness and expressiveness.

How to put on liquid eyeshadow?

This type of product is not widely used, especially by women who have remained fond of classic cosmetics that they have been using for many years.

For this reason the techniques for correct application are not well known. Here are some tips to put into practice:

  • Always use the primer

For a long-lasting result the eye primer is essential, since it allows not only the product to adhere better to the eyelid, but also to hide and minimize small wrinkles and its ripples.

  • To apply little product at a time

It must be remembered that unlike other eyeshadows, liquid ones cannot be blended very much.

This means that it is necessary to very carefully dose the amount of product placed on the eyelid because if you are unable to spread all the product applied well and quickly, unsightly stains in the make-up could remain.

  • Choose preferably light colours

If you are a beginner with this type of product it is always better to opt for nude or rather light colors. Small imperfections, such as color spots or errors in drafting, will be less noticeable.

  • Choose a suitable brush to the result you want to achieve

Like any other liquid product, liquid eyeshadow can be applied with the fingers, but the operation can be inconvenient and imprecise, because you will have to wash your fingers thoroughly immediately after application.

Much better to use a more or less wide synthetic bristle brush depending on the effect to be obtained. For a smooth and smooth effect on the whole eyelid the advice is to use a medium-sized brush.

In case you want to opt for a structured and defined result it is much better to use a small brush, always flat and with synthetic bristles.

Absolutely avoid brushes with animal hair bristles since the structure of this material is very porous and absorbs a lot of product, making it difficult to apply.

  • Choose carefully the finish

Liquid eyeshadows can have a matte or shimmer finish. They are applied with the same procedure but in the case of shimmer eyeshadows it is absolutely essential to use the primer to avoid highlighting the fine lines.

This type of eyeshadow is perfect for a very glamorous evening makeup which will have to last a long time and remain flawless as long as possible.

  • Don’t give up onpowder eyeshadow

To make a color more intense or to create one softer shade it is always possible overlay a veil of powder eyeshadow liquid eyeshadow. Once again, the important thing is not to overdo the quantity of product!

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