The best free apps to lose weight and lose weight

The best free apps to lose weight and lose weight

Losing weight online? Today it is possible. Here are the best apps to download on your smartphone to lose weight and lose weight.

Losing weight especially after the big Christmas binges is a time-consuming journey. You have to follow one Proper nutritiongo to gym etc.

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Yet thanks to applications and modern technologies it is not only like this! In fact, you can lose weight by following an application on your mobile. Let’s find out together what the best weight loss apps and that are more suited to ours lifestyle.

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The best applications to download if you want to lose weight

At home, in the office, in our free time, our smartphone is always present and sometimes it can be useful to keep track of our physical activity, calories burned, it can remind us to drink more or to do the shopping to respect the diet menu!

app lose weight

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Technology comes to the rescue to lose weight. And it helps us keep track of our goals, whether it’s losing weight or just following abalanced nutrition.

These Apps can be valid tools but always remember to contact a professional for a recognized weight loss path.

Weight Loss Coach – Lose Weight and Stay Fit

It is an app to lose weight easily by simply joining a program.


Here are the features of this app:

  • Weight loss trainer that is powered by Artificial Intelligence.
  • Guaranteed weight loss in 35 days or less. (Up to 5kg or 12lbs)
  • Daily motivational tips to help you get rid of obesity.
  • Integrated Weight Tracker to track your progress.
  • Personal Dietitian and Diet Coach.
  • Integrated shopping list
  • Track your weight loss progress in graphs.

Eat & Fit

Eat & Fit allows you to create a tailor-made training and food plan for you.

Eat & Fit app


Getting started is very simple, you need to register first and answer some good questions about training, nutritional preferences, goals and your overall fitness level.

Once you have the necessary information, a personalized meal plan and training plan will be generated and designed according to your preferences. The plan will be available in the app and you can download it via a link that will be provided to you.


PerfectBody allows you to customize your meal plan and makes yours easier weight loss path.

perfectbody app


To receive the plan you need to register. You will have access to over 10,000 meals and over 125 training exercises.

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