The best makeup sponges: beauty blender, silicone or triangular

ragazza capelli legati applica makeup con spugnetta trucco beauty blender contouring

When we talk about foundation we now also talk about makeup sponges or beauty blenders: which type to choose?

Raise your hand if you have never heard of beauty blender. Impossible, right? Yes, because for years these particular make-up sponges have been among the most used to spread the foundation, but not only. In fact, they have multiple uses to create a perfect face base, so much so that there are different materials and sizes and they are versatile for the application of creams, fluid products but also powders. However, there are various types of makeup sponges, which differ according to the material, use and shape: let's see them together.


  • Triangular latex sponges, now increasingly rare
  • The silicone sponge, so as not to waste even a drop of product
  • The classic beauty blender and those with the strangest shapes

Triangular latex sponges, now increasingly rare

The name beauty blender is now associated with make-up sponges with a teardrop shape or pointed egg shape, but in reality Beauty Blender is the name of the brand that invented them for the first time. Before then, in fact, triangular latex makeup sponges were used, especially on photo shoots and as a favorite tool for makeup artists. Small in size, they are still used but much less frequently. They are excellent for applying compact cream products, with a heavy and rather greasy texture, because they allow to pull the product making it adhere well to the skin.

girl gets makeup on triangular green latex sponge

Yes, because with this type of makeup sponge the movement to be made is to tap to even out, but also to pull the product, to blend it in the best possible way. Among the latex sponges we also find those present in compact products, especially foundations and powders, because they are flat and small in size, therefore suitable to be inserted inside the packs to have the chosen product, a mirror and a sponge at hand. for quick touch-ups.

Fantasia 50 triangular makeup sponges Fantasia 50 triangular make-up sponges If you are a fan of triangular make-up sponges, the set of 50 Fantasia sponges is ideal, because it allows you to use one a day without the need to wash them from time to time, but dedicating yourself to cleaning them even once a day. week. A perfect set also for those who use them for work given the excellent quantity / price ratio. 10,52 EUR Buy on Amazon

The silicone sponge, so as not to waste even a drop of product

Very little is said about the silicone beauty blender, another type of make-up sponge that has the distinction of being transparent and above all not absorbing the product. Being made of silicone in fact it is not porous, so not even a drop of foundation will be wasted. It is perfect for those who work in the field of makeup because it is very easy to clean and sterilize, it dries immediately and is ready to be reused immediately.

Hands apply foundation on silicone beauty blender sponge "width =" 1024 "height =" 584 "srcset =" -beauty-makeup-blender-in-silicone-or-triangular-sponge-beauty-blender-in-silicone.jpg? resize = 1217,694 1217w, 3/2021/06 / The-best-make-up-sponges-beauty-blender-in-silicone-or-triangular-sponge-beauty-blender-in-silicone.jpg? Resize = 300,171 300w, /wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2021/06/Le-migliori-spugnette-trucco-beauty-blender-in-silicone-o-triangolari-spugnetta-beauty-blender-in-silicone.jpg?resize=768,438 768w, in-silicone.jpg? resize = 1024,584 1024w, -or-triangular-sponge-beauty-blender-in-silicone. jpg? resize = 344,196 344w "sizes =" (max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px

Its use has not caught on because it is not very easy to understand: the foundation does not adhere to the material but only to the skin, it is therefore necessary to apply a little product, tap it and pull it to work it better. Surely the final effect is more covering but it is not recommended for those with dry skin or with raised skin, because it does not allow the product to blend completely.

Profusion silicone sponge for make-up Profusion silicone sponge for make-up Profusion silicone beauty blenders are ideal for traveling because they are flat, take up little space and are easy to clean and clean with simple hand soap. Having a quick drying, they can be stored immediately in the beauty without waiting for them to dry in the air and are perfect for a precise application of foundation and concealer, for a covering result. 8,04 EUR Buy on Amazon

The classic beauty blender and those with the strangest shapes

With the advent of the Beauty Blender brand and the first sponges, almost every cosmetic house has produced similar make-up sponges, with the same shape and material: latex, to which many people are allergic, is replaced by polyurethane foam. They are therefore suitable for allergy sufferers or those with particularly sensitive skin and, as they do not contain latex, they are also softer.

classic beauty blender makeup sponge with product "width =" 1024 "height =" 584 "srcset =" -beauty-blender-in-silicone-or-triangular-sponge-beauty-blender-classic-sponge-ovetto.jpg? resize = 1217,694 1217w, 3/2021/06 / The-best-make-up-sponges-beauty-blender-in-silicone-or-triangular-sponge-beauty-blender-classic-sponge-egg.jpg? Resize = 300,171 300w, https: // Tipsforwomens .it / wp-content / uploads / sites / 3/2021/06 / The-best-make-up-sponges-beauty-blender-in-silicone-or-triangular-sponge-beauty-blender-classic-sponge-egg.jpg ? resize = 768,438 768w, beauty-blender-classico-spugnetta-ovetto.jpg? resize = 1024,584 1024w, -blender-in-silicone-o-trian golari-spugnetta-beauty-blender-classico-spugnetta-ovetto.jpg? resize = 344,196 344w "sizes =" (max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px

The classic shape for this type of makeup sponge is the drop or pointed egg shape, with a wider base that gradually narrows to a point. This particular structure allows you to reach every point of the face with ease: the widest part allows you to apply foundation and products on large areas of the face while to reach the sides of the nose, between the eyebrows, in the hollow of the chin or around the eyes , the pointed part is ideal.

Baekey Set 5 beauty blender makeup sponges Baekey Set of 5 beauty blender makeup sponges The Baekey set of 5 beauty blender makeup sponges is perfect for those who change them often because they combine a great price with excellent quality. Perfect for blending creamy products as a foundation, these interchangeable sponges save time by using a different one a day while waiting to clean and dry the others. 9.99 EUR Buy on Amazon

Applying the products with a makeup sponge or a beauty blender makes the application of makeup much more natural and homogeneous and allows you to adjust the final effect according to your needs: you go from an invisible application, useful for evening, to coverage more intense.

tied hair girl applies makeup with makeup sponge beauty blender contouring "width =" 1024 "height =" 584 "srcset =" -beauty-make-up-sponges-blender-in-silicone-or-triangular-cover.jpg? resize = 1217,694 1217w, The-best-make-up-sponges-beauty-blender-in-silicone-or-triangular-cover.jpg? Resize = 300,171 300w, /Le-migliori-spugnette-beauty-blender-in-silicone-o-triangolari-copertina.jpg?resize=768,438 768w, 06 / The-best-make-up-sponges-beauty-blender-in-silicone-or-triangular-cover.jpg? Resize = 1024,584 1024w, /2021/06/Le-migliori-spugnette-trucco-beauty-blender-in-silicone-o-triangolari-copertina.jpg?resize=344,196 344w "sizes =" (max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px

In addition to the classic beauty blender, there are also other shapes and sizes designed to adapt to everyone's preferences of use. The small beauty blender is ideal for applying the concealer and working small areas of the face, therefore perfect for the eye contour, to even out the eyelid or to work the corners well. The hourglass ones, i.e. with a central narrowing, are easy to grip and perfect for applying blush or contouring. There are also others with a cut, flat side, reminiscent of triangular sponges and which are usually slightly stiffer, perfect for those who love to use the wet beauty blender but are looking for a little more coverage.

Melliex 11 makeup sponges Melliex 11 makeup sponges The set of 11 Melliex makeup sponges is ideal for those who want to try out various shapes and sizes. Contains hourglass, teardrop sponges with a cut side and three different sizes to choose from, to reach every corner and cover large and small surfaces of leather. 9.99 EUR Buy on Amazon

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