The best positions for the end of spring: will you try them?

The best positions for the end of spring: will you try them?

Such as? Are there any intimate positions to try in the spring (and eventually, no less) or any other time of the year? The answer, of course, is yes: that’s what they are!

Believe it or not, there are better locations depending on what time of year it is. You know, no, when it’s so hot you can’t even lift a little finger?

intimate positions for spring

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This spring is proving to be really generous with the temperatures and, therefore, we have decided to offer you a couple of positions that can allow you to make the most of your potential under the sheets.
Are you curious to know them?

Intimate positions for the end of spring: here are the best ones to try

But in short: what are the intimate positions for spring? Is it possible that there is someone better … than the classic ones?

perfect spring locations

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The answer, of course, is yes!
In spring as well as in winter (hey, by the way: you know we also talked about perfect positions for making love in cold weather?) there are some intimate positions that help you to give your best … without suffering too much!

We have already talked about spring positions that could help you tease your partner and warm up your passion.
But now it’s starting to get really too hot not to think about having intimate positions by the end of spring!
So, let’s find out what they can be: after all, any excuse is a good one to get busy!

Lovers… of the edge

Ok, we know: in this sudden heat too much physical contact can result in an embarrassing relationship… full of sweat!
Hey, making love is fun and tiring and if you sweat it only means one thing: you’re doing it right!

We understand very well, however, that it can seem to you a not very embarrassing give you to do well made up, washed and perfumed to finish shortly a sweat from all the pores.
That’s why one of the intimate positions for spring that we recommend is that of the… edge!
You sit down with the sit down as much as possible near to the edge of the read and let your partner bring your legs up. You will keep them together and, if you want, you can cross the ankles: the partner keeps you at the height of the ankles so that you can feel comfortable! At that point the relationship begins: you will see that the angle (and depth) of the penetration they will be a pleasant surprise! In the end, no sweat (or at least not too much) e freshness: better than this!

Among the intimate locations for the end of spring is the bridge

If you do yoga or if you took a class as a child athletics light you already know what we’re talking about.
Don’t worry, though: this position is not just the prerogative of people jointed that can not be more articulated!

The great thing about this position is that you and your partner are completely naked: cheers, the temperatures allow it now!
Lie on your back, with your knees bent and your soles feet to earth. At this point, get up only the flanksin order to stay with the shoulders supported to the read (and be comfortable). Your partner can kneel between your legs and penetrate you from there, or lie down in turn and get busy with his mouth. In any case, fun (and fresh) are guaranteed!

The Lion Tamer

Who will be your partner, of course, do not be frightened too much!
The position you have to take is, more or less, the favorite of all men.
In addition there will be “simply” the accessories that you will have to use to make … well, the lioness and the lion tamer!

Let the partner make you walk around to the hips one shawla scarf or anything that is light enough to prevent the temperature from overheating … too much!
You can also dress in a night blouse or with something transparent that you will later use, such as “support“.
Instead of holding on to your hips or touch you and caress you (don’t get us wrong: it’s nice to touch each other but in this heat you sweat as soon as you move and you don’t want to feel “wet” on your back, right?) your partner will use the shawl to “keep you at bay” during [email protected]
Maximum intimacy without unpleasant situations!

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