The best positions to make peace with your partner after a fight

posizioni migliori dopo litigio

Ok, it happened: you and your partner had a fight. How will you make peace now? But what questions, with the best positions after a fight!

Every now and then, even the most close-knit couples have to let themselves go and … to argue!

better positions after quarrel

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You and your partner have had an argument: maybe about something trivial. But now you are in a kind of limbo.
You made peace and reconciled… but how to start an intimate relationship now?
Don’t worry: we have the solution!

The best positions after a fight: here are the ones you need to try too

How often do you and your partner have quarreled and, after making your peace, you felt… a little bit in embarrassment?

better positions after quarrel

(source: Canva)

It really happens to everyone (or almost everyone) to find themselves a little in difficulty when, after a fight, we go back to making love.
Maybe there’s a moment of embarrassment or laughter that we can’t hold back: after all, only moments before we were yelling at each other!

Making love is certainly not the only way to make peace (if you use it as a “bargaining chip” it ends up losing its meaning as well as not being fun anymore).
Know what the better locations for Do peace after a quarrelhowever, it is not absolutely useless … indeed!
Here are the best ones for to convince yours partner that everything is back like before!

The cow-girl, on the other hand, is very tired

Yes, we know: the title is longer to pronounce than… well, forget it.
While it sounds really difficult, this position actually is easy, comfortable, goduriosa and… yes, you guessed it. Perfect for making up after a fight!

Have your partner lie on the bed, face up. Then, you climb astride him but… with your back to him! (This is the cow-girl part, but in reverse).
At this point, the relationship could begin but we forgot about the “very tired” part: you will lean on your elbows (if you can), lean your torso forward between his legs or put your hands on his ankles. Yes, just like you are tired and trying to rest!
Now yes that you can have fun: if you are still a little angry, this is the best position for vent each aggressionmaking love… without looking you in the eye!
(But still having a lot of fun).

A little bit of… bondage

Hey, no, don’t worry: there’s no need to start thinking about the worst depravities!
(Which then, to be honest, like this depravities I’m not but this is not the place to talk about it).
How about trying a little bit of bondage?

League yours partner: with a rope, with a ribbon, to the bed, chair, wrists or ankles. We will certainly not be here to tell you what to do with all the possibilities that exist!
(Of course, don’t forget to discuss the consent: we have explained to you what is here).
The idea is that of “punish youEach other: did you behave badly, with each other? Well, it’s time to put what happened and add a little spice to your evening! The quarrel will soon become a distant I remembertrust us!

The missionary: he is one of the best positions after a fight

Yes, let’s talk about the position which has been defined by everyone, at least once, as the most “boring“.
The missionary (the position where he is above and you below, the most classic of all) is often defined as the least interesting position among all those available to us.

(And if you think there is position of the pretzel to try, that of the wheelbarrow or that of the triceratopsthen you understand what we are talking about).
In reality the missionary position is one of the best positions after a fight but also… in general!
Think about it: you and your partner look each other in the eye, while you get busy holding each other tight. More romantic And sensual there really is none!

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