The best positions to stimulate too… them! (Trust me, you’ll like it)

The best positions to stimulate too… them!  (Trust me, you'll like it)

Hey, they are there why not use them? The best breast positions are the ones that will allow you to have even more fun.

Small, large, asymmetrical and of all colors: yes, we are talking right from breasts and, therefore, also of yours!

breast positions

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Quiet though. We are not here to make comparisons or even to ask you what size you wear. We just want to give you some positions to put them more “at the center” of your intimate life because i benefits are truly many. Ready to try them?

Best positions to use the breasts: here are what they are

It is useless to try to turning around too much around. Everyone (absolutely everyone) likes breasts so why not use them?

best breast positions

(source: Unsplash)

Whether they’re giant or tiny, it doesn’t matter (except you probably don’t care how you got them but you would like to have them different).
Why not use one of your “attributes“And make it central to the routine of your intimate life?
After all, it is true that i breasts are highly appreciated but, often, they are little considered during the [email protected] act. They come first particularly stimulated And tease but then we just forget about it: a real shame if you consider the fact that the nipplegasm and that you can try it too (if you follow these tips).

But let’s start with serious things: what are these better locations to use the otherwise and how can you implement them?

The armrest

No, don’t worry: you don’t have to assume the position of an armrest (unlike the position of the pretzel where you have to… well, make the pretzel!).
Your partner sits on the arm of a sofa or chair (but please be really careful and try this before you start – we don’t want you to break a piece of furniture!).

At this point you sit “in his arms”, obviously looking him in the face and placing your feet on the back of the sofa or on the space “behind” your partner.
You are now in the perfect position not only to get busy and have fun like never before but also to play the perfection with your breasts!
Instead of focusing only on penetration, in fact, let the nipples be the protagonists, at least for a while.
You both then have the hands free to get busy and you can choose how much and how to move during the act. In short, better than that!

The position (not) of the cow-girl

We know very well that every time you put yourself in the cowgirl position (i.e. the one when you are on top), lots of questions go through your head.
Do I have a double chin? What will I face in this moment? Will he have realized that he’s running my nose? Up to the fundamental question: what do my breasts look like from below? They won’t be bobbing too much!

To work around this problem, here is the location of the (not) cowgirl: Instead of kneeling on top of your partner, we recommend that you put the plant of the feet for earth.
In this way, you can decide how much And how to lean out in after you: a great way to take control of the situation of course … but also one of the best positions for the breasts!
Now you can decide when your partner will be able to access your breasts and you will no longer see him trying to take one of them “on the fly” in his mouth!

Better breast positions: try the “provocative” one

Don’t worry, it’s always comfortable!
Your partner lies down, leaning their back against something to stand up. Maybe a pillow or the headboard of the bed (as long as he is comfortable too).
In this way it will be sitting with the bust relieved: you can get on him (and yes, this time put yourself in the position from the cowgirl).

At this point you have nothing left but to start the relationship while, with your hands, you decide how much and where to let your partner peek!
You can pull back or play with your breasts as much as you want – the idea is to tease your partner and do it in the more provocative way possible!
You can decide how much and where to torture him but, in the meantime, don’t forget to have fun too! You can always think of also incorporating some toys (there are special made to stimulate the nipples) and give yourself crazy joy together!

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