The best shades of red for summer nail art

Red nails are a great classic. Find out which are the best shades for summer

Hands are our calling card and it is always important that they are treated and perfect in every detail. There are many colors to choose from for enamel, but red nails are among the most popular of all times.

With red nail polish you can achieve a sophisticated and elegant manicure, but you can also give a jaunty touch with all shades of color. Here are the shades of red for the most popular nails for the summer.

Valentino red nails

The red nails will never go out of style, the shades and finishes change, but red remains an evergreen. If you love intense and bright colors, Valentino red is perfect for your summer manicure. With this red you never go wrong: it matches practically any color and outfit.

It looks good on all shapes and lengths of nails and unlike other colors, it is suitable for all ages. To enhance your tan we recommend a shiny, minimal and sensual finish. If you prefer decorations, opt for white and gold.

Coral red on the nails

Coral red is the undisputed star of the summer of 2019. The success of this was the Pantone company that elected the Living Coral the color of the year. In spite of the other shades of red, the coral is much more particular. It is a mix of orange and pink, it is a warm color and gives the summer manicure freshness and vivacity. Particularly suitable for women who have long almond nails.

Depending on the finish used, the final yield changes completely: matt, glossy or glittery. For nail art enthusiasts, there are endless possibilities with a summer theme. Sea waves, starfish, palm trees or the coral itself are among the most popular decorations of the moment.

Coral red enamel for the summer – Source: 123rf

Cherry red nails

For those who do not want to give up red nails but have a light complexion and do not like to tan, the most suitable shade is cherry red. A color that is still warm, but we could define it more romantic than the Valentino red. Also in this case the finish represents the way to characterize the manicure. In summer, to intensify the color it is better to prefer a lacquered or glitter effect.

They make the red nails brighter. If instead you love a less traditional manicure, you can combine cherry red with other colors (pink, white for example applied on a single nail) or choose decorations (stickers and glitter) to embellish your nails.

Orange-red nails

We close with the most casual and lively color, orange-red, another trend of the summer 2019. It is a valid alternative to the classic red nails, particularly suitable for dark complexions and to enhance the tan. If you have fair skin, we advise you to choose a shade not too light, better to opt for the warmer and more vivid ones.

You can choose between different types: bright orange red, matte or metallic. Since this is a rather flamboyant shade, which therefore does not go unnoticed, it is necessary that the nails are perfectly cured. Better if not too long, on the form instead of maximum freedom. This color also lends itself well to more extravagant summer manicures. Like the mismatched which involves applying a different color to each nail. It can be made with different shades of orange-red or other colors. Or you can apply a contrasting color on a single nail by hand, such as fuchsia.

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