The best short haircuts for the summer

The best short haircuts for the summer

Do you want to change your look? Try the new short cuts for summer 2020: glamorous and practical, they will win you over!

Often, in life, we women are subjected to important events, events that are sometimes traumatic, sometimes happy and it is precisely in these moments that the desire to change is triggered in us, as if to exorcise a negative event or to enhance an event that makes us particularly happy. And here the object of our desire to change is the hair itself. Many of us decide to change the color or cut, decide to forget what made us unhappy or emphasize what brought us great joy. This decision should not surprise us if we think that hair says a lot about us. As the eyes, it seems, are the mirror of the soul, the hair is the exact representation of how we feel at that moment. Hair is the image we want to give to others, they are the state of mind in which we find ourselves at a given moment and that we want to convey to friends, relatives, colleagues, strangers we meet on the street, in shops, at the bar, restaurant.

Every day we women make choices and even if society would like us in a certain way, with a certain target and style we cannot remain bound to that cliché and when the desire for change is triggered, no one can stop us. The world sees us as female beings where the shortest hair must not be shorter than a bob cut but we know that going against the tide is our right and therefore going from a long hair to a short cut is also our right. Taking a step back into the past we realize that wearing long hair was synonymous with femininity and that short hair was purely a male "privilege". Obviously today things have changed and this distinction, even if psychologically and unconsciously still has a negative impact on the stereotypical conception that men have of women, is no longer as clear and impactful as it once was. Today we women, regardless of a more or less significant reason that leads us to cut our hair, we decide to give a clean cut to our hair just to tell society that we are modern women, that we are strong, and in reality we are. , and that thanks to our elbows in the world of work we do not need anyone.


  • The short cut and its why
  • Short haircuts: the glam trends of this crazy summer
  • The short climb, where fantasy blends with perfection
  • Curly hair but do you love the short? Here are the most suitable cuts

The short cut and its why

More generally speaking, without going to look in the depths of our psyche to find out what is the input that leads us to change our look, women who like to wear short hair do so for a practical reason also linked to their lifestyle. Busy days do not allow time to manage, care and fix long hair: therefore you choose a practical style in everyday life where short hair meets women who love sport, movement, proactivity which, logical conclusion, preclude the possibility of staying 20 minutes to get a braid, a well-groomed chignon, a perfect crop or a shampoo at 7 am with its hairdryer, straightener or curling iron.

The short cut leaves no room for imagination because it leaves all aspects of our face uncovered, the details, the strengths and the flaws; but let's not forget that a short cut, if done artfully, can also hide a face defect and make the features softer, less "aggressive". Short or very short hair is by far the most original and cool look for summer 2020 and is without a doubt elegant, chic, glam & fashion but above all they are the real stars of this strange but wonderful summer.

Short haircuts: the glam trends of this crazy summer

The fashion-style hair of this crazy summer rewards femininity, the natural look, enhancing very short, short and medium-short cuts with clean and impeccable folds or natural styling but perfect in their apparent disorder. The look is always feminine but gritty, with spectacular excesses in the more aggressive versions complete with scaled pixie cuts for “bad boys” impact. Which short or very short cut to choose for our face? Read the article to the end, you will surely find what you are looking for and it will give you a new "I Woman" that will leave everyone speechless!

The short androgynous

Short Androgynous Haircut

The androgynous short was a real revolution for those who dared. Tens of years have now passed since, in the 1920s, the short hair in women coincides with her emancipation, with her liberation. The 60s saw Vidal Sassoon's geometric short cuts up to the very short cut by Mia Farrow that caused a scandal at the beginning of swinging London. Even today the androgynous cut is the favorite of hair stylists and many women opt for this look. We feel young, strong, comfortable, smart and cool but above all we reduce the time to devote to our hair and increase the quantity and quality of our hobbies and passions.

Bob: short but not too short, deconstructed or perfect

Short bob haircut

The extremely short does not always manage to enchant the courage of us women so we can opt for a short one but not too much. An excellent solution, innovative for those with long hair, is the classic bob or a medium-size bob that does not touch the shoulders but reaches just below the lobe. If you choose this cut, remember that to achieve a top look, the crease must be as natural as possible: perfect smooth or very light wavy as if drying was done naturally, in the air and in the sun. The alternative to the classic bob is the long bob, a helmet that touches the shoulders and which, like the classic bob, requires drying with the most natural look possible.

If you want to dare to the maximum, opt for a bob version xs or xxs where your hair-stylist will take care not to make an overly full bob that can weigh down your face but will work on climbs that will give movement, elegance and femininity to your new look making you irresistibly glam. We are in fact talking about deconstructed bob, or scaled bob, where the scales will be dense with an apparently asymmetrical and irregular styling; a disheveled look that has nothing but only a great professional to whom you have entrusted your success. A look whose successful ingredients guarantee you the female summer 2020 trend that will give you personality and character.

The short and the fringe, a combination that rocks

Short hair with bangs

The fringe is an indispensable choice for many of us and even in this strange summer, where the line in the middle seems to be an indispensable must-have, the fringe always remains the dominant element of any short cut. Combined with the bob or the androgynous short you can show it off in a mini version with boyish or pixie cuts, symmetrical or asymmetrical, at par, parade, climbed, long or short. It will give you a glam or rock look that you will be very very proud of. Queen of this summer is the curtain fringe that enhances any type of face and short cut: do not be afraid to dare because a male haircut softened by a female fringe will have a crazy impact on those around you.

The short climb, where fantasy blends with perfection

Short layered cut

The scaled shorts are, without any doubt, the best choice for those who decide to change while maintaining a jaunty and lively look, for those who want to hide small imperfections of the face and make the most of their face and some parts of the face itself such as eyes, mouth, nose. Short but scaled cuts are very practical and above all always trendy. They have the great advantage of balancing the proportions, enhancing the best parts of your face and overshadowing the small defects. You can choose the base of any cut: from short or medium bob to boyish cuts up to very short pixie cuts. But whatever hairstyle you choose, don't forget that the scaling will help you make it a cut tailored for you and above all perfect for your face and your proportions.

If, for example, you have a round face, layered cuts, albeit short, will be your choice. Always seek advice from your hairstylist who will help you choose a medium short which, however, thanks to the scaling, will have the effect of a beautiful short that will radically change your look. The scaling will be done on the lengths avoiding to go up beyond the cheekbones because, in this case, you would have a lot of volume in the upper part of the face, increasing the "roundness" of your face. By concentrating the scales on the lengths, however, your face will become thinner, giving perfect harmony to your features.

Curly hair but do you love short hair? Here are the most suitable cuts

Curly short hair

Having curly hair and dreaming of a short cut might seem like an illusion but there is a solution even for those who have said a thousand times in their life "how much I would like straight hair …." Summer 2020 sees a curl that is as natural as possible, so no too defined curls or perfect curls: your hair must be natural and if you love short, the winning combination is just short curls. But pay attention to the volume of your hair certainly envied by many. If your hedgehog is wild and indomitable, follow this little tip: absolutely avoid full cuts, even-cut yokes, symmetrical bangs.

Opt for very slender fringes, pulled side tufts and clear and thick layers. If you want a very short cut, focus on asymmetries and always very scaled lines while a deconstructed bob could be the perfect cut for your rebellious hedgehog. Have you found the idea for your new look? Don't wait any longer, imagine yourself renewed, call your hairstylist right away and give your day and your future life a boost. Don't wait until you have a "bad day" but make today a "wonderful day"!

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