The best tattoos for friends

A tattoo shared by two friends has a profound meaning: discover which are the best tattoos for friends

Friendship is undoubtedly one of the feelings that enrich our lives: friends are a bit the family you choose, the people with whom you grow or with whom you cross paths along the path of life. There are friendships that arise on school desks, others that arise from casual encounters and grow by feeding on shared experiences, but certainly a friendship between two or more people is something that enriches existence.

This is why many friends decide to witness their connection through something symbolic and permanent like a tattoo. Tattoos about friendship are in fact very much in demand and are often done simultaneously by people who are linked by this feeling, to share the joy and pain of the experience. There are therefore many tattoos that are shared between friends and between friends: symbols of various types, writings and dedications, but also small portraits or initials of names. Here are the most beautiful and original.

The best tattoos for best friends

Very often it is the tattoo among best friends that is the most requested: the best friends share everything, from their dreams to their successes, from tears to moments of despair for the disappointments of life. The tattoos of friendship between women therefore take on a very strong value, as if they were a blood bond that unites them even more and testifies to their total fidelity and loyalty.

Ideas for tattoos to be made among friends – Source: Pinterest

But what are the most popular tattoos? In the first place there are certainly the writings: the name of the best friend or their respective initials framed by a heart or other symbols of loyalty; but also friendship phrases or excerpts from songs that have a strong meaning for both. Very often the tattoos among best friends are absolutely identical, testifying to the strength of the bond that aims at being always united: they can be small perfectly identical bows or hearts, or little fingers that intertwine as a sign of complicity or, again, symbols and phrases that have a certain value for both.

There are also tattoos among best friends that are complementary to each other: for example one half of the heart that is completed with a friend's tattoo or a peace symbol broken in half that appears on one and the other. The important thing is that the friendship tattoos between friends are designed with the heart and made to witness a real and lasting relationship, because from the tattoos it comes back with difficulty and therefore choosing to imprint a symbol on the body wants to witness precisely the will to commit in a lifelong friendship relationship.

Friendship Tattoo: Which to Choose

Of course there are not only tattoos of friendship between two women or in any case among best friends: tattoos among friends are very common even among boys and even within groups of 3 or 4 friends who want to witness their special bond. What are the best friendship tattoos? It really depends on what it meant for people who need to get tattooed: there are those who tattoo small anchors or hearts accompanied by phrases related to friendship and freedom; there are those who prefer to tattoo their initials or a phrase that has a specific meaning and those who opt for song lyrics or songs taken from books maybe read together.

Friendship Tattoos – Source: Pinterest

There are so many places to treat yourself with friendship tattoos, but you usually choose body parts that can be tattooed by both people in a simple way, then ankles and wrists or arms. There are small friendship tattoos that are made in inconspicuous spots, such as behind the neck, and remain very discreet because maybe you want the gesture to be kept among the people who thought and wanted it. Also very nice are friendship tattoos that divide significant sentences starting from one of the friends and completing each other, referring to the special friendship bond that exists between them.

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