The best treatments to deflate the face

Many wake up with their faces swollen in the morning, so here are the best remedies to solve the problem

The causes of a swollen face on waking up can be various: difficulty sleeping, an accumulation of stress or fatigue in general; or the correlation between facial swelling and water retention. Find out which are the most effective treatments to deflate your face.

Tips to deflate the face

But fear not, it is a rather common problem and there are many, very effective ways to drain a swollen face. Small improvements in your lifestyle and various tricks you can put in place in the morning before leaving home or in the evening before going to bed.

Remember, however, that these treatments must be implemented consistently. If you can repeat them two or three times a week you will be able to drain your face in a short time.

Drink a lot

Very often the swollen face in the morning is caused by water retention. To solve the problem, therefore, we advise you to drink at least between eight and ten glasses of water a day, avoiding carbonated soft drinks. The ideal would be to devote a couple of days a week to purifying and concentrate on drinking more than usual, also taking draining herbal teas.

Follow a balanced diet

Not only water, however, to drain the face consumes a lot of seasonal fruits and vegetables: melon, cucumber and fresh fruit in general, are a tasty way to get a tonic and fresh face. Not only do they help deflate the face, but they contribute to a general purification and to the well-being of the whole body.

Have a nice massage

A simple "mechanical" way to remedy the swelling of the face is to have a good massage. As soon as you wake up, practice a facial massage with circular movements all over your face. You can also use a facial massager, you can find many models on the market.

Get enough sleep

Remember that to have a rested and deflated face it is very important to rest enough, at least 8 hours a night. If you have troubled sleep problems you can try taking melatonin and foods that combine rest.

Detoxifying face masks

Detoxifying face masks can also be useful, you can buy them almost anywhere: supermarket, perfumeries or on the web, or you can make it at home.

DIY detoxifying face mask

Here is an easy recipe for an excellent face mask with a detoxifying effect.

  • Finely grind 50 grams of almonds or take some almond flour in the same quantity and mix it with clay that you can find in herbal medicine.
  • Take a mortar and add two tablespoons of dried lavender flowers and two of dried rose petals.
  • Carefully chop your dried flowers and then combine them with the clay and almonds you have already ground.

The mixture can be stored in a jar and used as needed. But how? Very simple! When you want to use it just take three teaspoons of mixture, put them in a bowl, and mix them with three tablespoons of water. Then you can spread the mixture on your face and let it rest until the clay has dried. At that point, remove everything with warm water and you're done: very soft skin and a fresher and deflated face.

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