The big designer labels become sustainable: what changes

The big designer labels become sustainable: what changes

Fashion changes and, thanks to a historic agreement with 40 brands, it becomes eco-sustainable

Fashion changes and becomes more and more sustainable thanks to the agreement taken by 40 great brands.

In fact, on December 10th, the global fashion industry took a step forward to better tackle the problems related to climate change by presenting the Charter for sustainability. It is a document signed by 40 industry leaders that marks a turning point in the fashion world.

In fact, brands, suppliers and retailers no longer intend to turn away and are ready to do their part to improve the impact of the fashion sector on the environment. Among the brands that have chosen to sign this pact we find industry leaders such as Adidas, Burberry and H&M, but also Stella McCartney, Levis Strauss & Co., Hugo Boss, Puma and Salomon, flanked by non-profit associations that have decided to support to the best of the initiatives indicated in the paper.

There are in fact 16 important goals that the big fashion designers want to achieve. First of all the abolition of the use of coal in production, but also the choice of eco-sustainable materials, low-carbon transport and the desire to make consumers and politicians aware of the problems of our planet.

"This Charter aims to bring together fashion brands and promote joint actions against climate change," commented Karl-Johan Persson of the H & M group. Our sector has a global reach and only together can we implement the change we urgently need ".

"Burberry is proud to be one of the signatories of the Charter for sustainable fashion – added Marco Gobbetti, CEO of the famous company -. Together with the others, we will start a systemic change and build a more sustainable future ".

"The issue of climate change is probably the biggest challenge we face – concluded Stella McCartney -. It's about all of us and our future: that's why I'm proud of having signed the Charter for sustainable fashion. I want to appeal to my colleagues, other brands, retailers and suppliers, so that everyone can adhere to and take the necessary steps to address the issue in their activities and along value chains. If we join forces, together we will be able to make the difference "

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