The bomb of the beginning of the year: Belen and Stefano caught together again

Belen e Stefano su Instagram

Belen, returning from the trip to South America, and Stefano De Martino paparazzati together at the airport: yet another flashback for the couple?

Belen, who seeks true love but chooses (always) the same boyfriends

Belen, who seeks true love but chooses (always) the same boyfriends

It could really be the bombshell of early 2022: Belen Rodriguez, fresh from yet another disappointment in love with the father of her second daughter Luna Marie, Antonino Spinalbese, and Stefano De Martino, father of Santiago and great love of the Argentine showgirl, would be of new very close.

Belen and Stefano: the photos together at the airport

To launch the scoop, the gossip site Whopsee which publishes photos of the two of them together at the airport, accomplices and smiling. Belen has just returned from a mini vacation in Uruguay with her faithful friend Patrizia Griffini, to get a little distracted and (say the well-informed) to lick her wounds. And Stefano, who spent the first few days of the year with Santiago, could simply have gone to get his ex, with a gesture of chivalry and generosity. Or, as the couple’s fans dream, it could be yet another and much-hoped-for return of the flame. Maybe definitive. Because as Antonello Venditti sang: “The great loves do not end, they make huge turns and then they come back …”

Belen, i tanti flirt post Spinalbese

After the breakup with Antonino Spinalbese, now taken for granted despite the fact that the people directly involved have never commented on anything, no flirtations have been attributed to Belen, in the compulsive search for someone to put next to her, without considering that the beautiful showgirl could or wanted to enjoy her rediscovered singleness. First the rumors of the meeting with the former historian Marco Borriello, to whom he would have introduced his daughter Luna, then the more insistent ones of a possible flirtation with another former player, Ezequiel Lavezzi, who had already been compared to Rodriguez in 2019. Except the denial of the same, infuriated against the sites that had made his name: “Don’t break my balls, I’m happily engaged”, blurted Lavezzi on social media.

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