The book position is what it takes to relax: here’s how to do it

Maybe you are finally ready to know the location of the book: here’s how to do it and also why you should definitely try it!

We need to break a lance in favor of anyone (ehm, like us) who goes out of their way to talk about intimate positions.

position of the book

(source: TipsForWoman – made on: Canva)

The reason is simple: the imagination, really, is not lacking!
Today we have decided to offer you a really interesting intimate position, as intellectuals through and through.
What do you say: would you like to find out which one it is?

The position of the book: here’s what to do if your he is a true intellectual

No, come on, of course we’re kidding.

position of the book

(source: TipsForWoman – made on: Canva)

To do the book position your partner doesn’t have to be an intellectual and you don’t have to be one sapiosexual.
(And, if you don’t know what we talk about how much we say the word “Sapiosexual”, here you will find all the information about it).

There location of book it is a position that everyone can try, almost without problems.
It’s certainly not how the most absurd position of the Kamasutra, of which we have told you here, and that is the position of the tree frog!
But let’s see how the book position is done and, above all, why we are recommending you to try it.

Let’s start with the basics: let’s get in position

There location of book takes its name from the expression “you are like an open book”.
You know when someone is able to tell you exactly what you think and what you feel, just by looking you in the face?
Well, know that it has absolutely nothing to do with the position of the book!

You will have to lie down on bed e position yourself exactly as if you were an open book. This means with legs and arms apart, as open as possible.
And now, you will tell us, what do I do so lying in an absolutely funny position?
Well, it’s simple: your partner lies exactly the same way on you!
Spread hands And legs most possible spread apart; you can also swap positions and put him down and you up!

The benefits of the open book position

Apart from i classic benefits of being “an open book” (ie being extremely vulnerable and, therefore, being able to look you in the eye with your partner), this position represents a real way to get busy different.

Now, in fact, the point is not movementconstant, and also decidedly “tiring”.
The point is to try to find, through penetration and nothing else, the purest pleasure.
How you do it?
But letting the book position help you connect with yourself, putting you in front of each other… er… just like two open books!

With this position you will be the one to move, almost imperceptibly, to make your partner’s penis touch “the right places”.
Though we talked about the fact that the G-spot doesn’t exist (or at least it doesn’t exist anymore) this is not to say that there are no points inside your vagina to touch.
There location of the book allows you to explore themcalmly and with a slow movement that takes the pressure off the relationship.
You don’t have to do it as “machines” but slowly sink into each other.

So, are you ready to let yourself go to a report… from true intellectuals?