The bread of the Essenes and its extraordinary virtues for health

The bread of the Essenes and its extraordinary virtues for health

Raw bread made with “live” grains preserves all the properties of sprouted grains. Here is the very simple recipe to make it at home

The bread of the Essenes, also known as sun baked bread, reminds us of ancient traditions and peoples of the past. The Essenes were a Jewish religious community of which we have news from the second century BC. to 70 A.D. and are considered the precursors of raw food. It is a bread made with sprouted grains, blended and dried in the sun. An extremely healthy bread, therefore, since it is not subjected to high temperatures, as happens in the case of baking.

The property

But what is raw bread? It means that the food is not exposed to temperatures above 42 ° C. This allows to preserve the beneficial substances present in the ingredients, which in this case are sprouted cereals. The sprouting process of the grains makes these foods more digestible, even without the classic cooking. "A" living "bread, therefore, which can be made when you have a little time available and of course in summer when temperatures allow it", explains Dr. Marilù Mengoni, nutritionist and psychologist, creator of the method. of Psychoalimentation. "Excessive temperatures – explains the expert – can destroy important elements, especially water-soluble vitamins and some precious minerals, but also enzymes, hormones, natural antioxidant complexes, pigments. A good part of our daily diet should therefore include the use of raw food ".

The procedure

“Wet the wheat (or spelled) and leave it damp overnight. The next day, place it in the sun from morning to evening. The next day, grind it, mix the flour obtained with a little water and make thin wafers to leave in the sun from the morning. After 3 hours, turn them over to "cook in the sun" on the other side as well ".

“Of course – continues the nutritionist – this is a long process and can be discouraging, but the result is good, tasty and“ alive ”bread. Another way to keep the cereals alive is to use a dryer, setting the temperature to 40 °: in this way the nutritional properties of the original grain are maintained ”.

The bread can be eaten as it is, as an accompaniment to other dishes, or enriched with a good raw jam. “An excellent one – advises Dr. Mengoni – is the one based on aronia berries”. The grains, similar to our blueberries but smaller, are a real concentrate of polyphenols, flavonoids and above all anthocyanins (which give them the characteristic dark color, and are about 1480 mg per 100 grams). For this reason, aronia berries are considered among the most powerful anti-aging existing in nature, and have entered the rankings of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) as one of the foods with the highest antioxidant properties.

"Making it – continues the expert – is very simple. Just leave the dried aronia berries to soak overnight. I calculate a dose of 50 grams per person. The next morning, therefore, place them in the glass of the hand blender together with a spoonful of raw agave syrup and blend to obtain the jam, excellent to spread on the bread of the Essenes ".

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