The breakfast of the perfect runner

The breakfast of the perfect runner

Proper nutrition is one of the pillars for those who play sports. Let's find out how each runner's day should start

Ever since we are children we are told that breakfast is the most important moment of the day. It is essential that the body has the opportunity to replenish itself to resume psycho-physical activity after a night's rest. For a runner, this moment is even more important for the physical effort he will have to undergo. Obviously there is no univocal principle for everyone, but it will be necessary to consider the characteristics of the subject and the type of activity he will have to carry out.

However, there are some fixed points to be respected, the calories to be consumed must be divided into 20% for breakfast, 35% for lunch, 10% for a snack and 35% for dinner. Specifically, breakfast should surprisingly consist of 60% carbohydrates, 30% fat and 10% protein. By carefully dividing you will have energy available for the following hours in fact carbohydrates (divided into simple and complex) release energy from the next hour up to 3 hours; fats will arrive after the third hour until the fifth; proteins instead gradually release energy.

It is important not to go for a run without having eaten first; breakfast should be made approximately two hours before going for a run, perhaps with a sweetened tea and a rusk. If you go running very early, and you don't want to wake up in the night, you can solve the problem by drinking fruit juice before going to sleep, or by trying to eat parmesan cheese or raw ham. Try to preferably eat whole foods, fresh juices, juices and vegetables.

To help you have a correct diet, prepare bags with dried fruit, to always have a supply of energy available, they are also rich in omega 3 essential for those who play sports. Prefer energy bars made with your own hands, mixing seeds, fruit and cereals, and avoiding all those commercial products that often do more harm than good. Being aware of what you eat and what helps our body is the first step to take to better support our body in the activities you prefer. In particular, the breakfast we choose to make marks the beginning of the day but it already indicates what the final result will be.

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