The brown in summer 2022 to feel at the top is worn like this

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Wearing brown hair in summer is not always easy: often the sea lightens them and in any case in the sun season, leaving your dark hair can be a courageous choice. Here’s how to get trendy hair anyway.

How much it is Do shades of brown exist in the world? Probably an infinite number, we cannot quantify them.

Bring brown hair

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And then to this we must add that by now there are mixes of colors that allow us to no longer have to choose: we can have everything exactly when we want it and how we want it.

But what about specifically the trends of summer 2022, how can we decline our hair color starting from them?

This year the direction is very clear: yes to everything what is natural. We must prefer our base color, pick it up and simply understand how to enhance it. We can retouch it, of course, but without upsetting it.

Here then, in the sea magnum of proposals that the world of hair offers, we have seen the black, dark brown, ashes reappear, considered by many to be a dull, unattractive and not very glamorous natural color.

Now this is no longer the case: it is we who give a touch of personality to our color, it is not the other way around. We can choose the color we want and that is closest to our natural gradation and simply be flawless in this way.

We can do some practical examples to better understand this concept. If you have ash hair and want to lighten it slightly, you might just lean towards some golden strands.

If, on the other hand, you want to darken them, just opt ​​for the so-called moon strokes, that is, for darker locks of the natural color, which give greater depth to your tone.

And the lightening? We cannot neglect them, because the touches of light, especially in summer, are absolutely necessary.

For which shade to favor? It depends, in the sense that you should first choose between the two directions that are in vogue this year. On the one hand we find the hottest shades, on the other we see some almost invisible ones.

For example, honey, caramel, copper are included in the first strand, while in the second the babylight, a now famous technique for which we have to color many but very thin strands, for an extremely natural result. In the latter case the result will be very bright anyway.

That said, here’s how you can wear brown hair in the summer and be on top.

Here’s how to wear brown hair in the summer

As we anticipated, wearing brown hair in the summer – and especially this year – means stay as close as possible to your natural color.

Bring brown hair

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How can you do? Here you are some examples that might come in handy. But always remember that the only person you have to please is you, so always go for the shade that makes you feel more comfortable.

If you have a very dark base, for example, you could choose a very dark brown, almost black in short. Your hair will be dark as night, extremely intense, but also sophisticated, but it won’t be quite black, so you will have that very slight touch of extra light.

Alternatively, if you have natural red highlights, you could strengthen them. How? Aiming on a burgundy melange, not excessively strong, but still very strong.

Another option you have is copper: this color is always in vogue, it never sets, so much so that we could define it as an evergreen. But why not focus on a mix of shades? In this way the result will be very original.

As we anticipated, too ash is back in vogue. However, you can always think of enhancing it, choosing for example to simply add slightly lighter shades to the natural tone.

Alternatively, if you have a dark brown and still want to lighten it up a bit, you could opt for the aforementioned babylights, taking care, however, to dye the locks a not too light blonde. The result will be surprising, but still natural.

Similarly, if your hair is natural approaches chocolate brown, you might think about dyeing it vanilla and the result will be the meeting of complementary shades, but it will still be very elegant.

If you want a pop of color and you have medium brown hair, you could go for it instead for caramel or honey reflections. In this way there will not be a clear chromatic detachment, but in any case your hair will appear very bright and will also be able to illuminate your whole face.

Finally, if you don’t want to make a final decision and don’t want to make any risky choices, you could simply opt for a gloss effect spray, which will make your hair shiny.
And if you want to totally change your look, here are also the most chic, sexy and cool cuts of the summer.
In any case, changing hair color is always a delicate choice for every woman, so it is worth considering which direction to take.
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