The capsule includes yoga clothing

The capsule includes yoga clothing

Yogether launches the Pride 2021 yoga capsule. A limited edition of unisex garments and accessories that are attentive to people and the environment.

Yogether, a socially sensitive brand founded by Alessandro Dernini launches its first Pride 2021 capsule to celebrate all the colors of love in a contemporary story about yoga.

A limited edition of unisex garments and accessories attentive to people and the environment: the constant presence of the rainbow on t-shirts and shorts is immediately striking, to tell and support love in all its forms.

Caps, shopping bags, t-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, tops, socks, shorts made of technical fabrics and recycled fibers which, however, maintain an excellent texture and offer maximum comfort for training sessions.

In addition, Yogether has chosen to rely on 100% digital sales which allows garments to be made only at the time of purchase, thus eliminating stocks and waste of materials. A sales process has therefore been created that the brand has defined as fashion on demand and which allows monthly to generate limited editions dedicated to specific social and environmental issues.

Among these, we find, in fact, the capsule dedicated to Pride Month, on which the acronym VIP emerges: Very Inclusive People.

sports bra

VIP: Very Inclusive People, the writing on Yogether's sports bra

However, Yogether's commitment does not stop there. In fact, the brand organizes Yoga sessions carried out in collaboration with masters with high experience in teaching yogic discipline and donates the proceeds to associations aimed at safeguarding the planet or protecting associations that defend diversity and inclusion.

Do not miss the appointment on June 26 to celebrate Pride Month with a special class in collaboration with RainbOM Yoga in the magnificent halls of the Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Milan.

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