The chef’s trick to shell hard-boiled eggs without spoiling the egg white? There he is

Thanks to this trick you can shell hard-boiled eggs without damaging the egg white: here’s how to do it easily.

Despite being one of the most common and apparently simple to prepare dishes hard-boiled eggs hide their pitfalls. In fact, not everyone is able to prepare them in a workmanlike manner and if they have to be served at a buffet this could be a real problem.

shell hard-boiled eggs

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In addition to guessing the right cooking, one of the points on which we must pay attention is like shelling hard-boiled eggs. Often in fact what happens is to remove the shell in the wrong way.

One of the drawbacks that happen most often is of spoil the egg white when removing the shell. A real shame if the eggs have to be served to guests. We then discover the trick to do it without spoiling the egg white.

Here’s the trick to shelling hard-boiled eggs

In general, preparing a boiled egg can be a simple and affordable operation. To make it happen, just follow a few simple ones rules and avoid certain mistakes. One of the most frequent and which can prove fatal, for the rupture of the shell, is caused by the temperature of the eggs.

shell hard-boiled eggs

Source: Canva

Once the doubts regarding the question of preparation have been cleared of knowing how to shell them.

In fact, one of the main problems when you go to open it is break the white part making the hard-boiled eggs unpresentable especially if we have to serve them for a lunch with guests or for a buffet. Or if, for example, we want to make them stuffed.

Generally the albumen tends to break especially because there is a thin membrane between this the shell is likely not to detach it well, and then to break the white part of the egg.

Here then is the trick that we absolutely must know to perfectly shell the eggs without breaking the egg white and serve them flawlessly at the table.

After boiling the eggs in water adding a pinch of salt, for 8 minutes from boiling, we pass the eggs under cold water. Then we put on a smooth work surface and the we begin to roll with the palm of the hand applying light pressure, but enough to crack the shell.

When the shell is crumbled, all that remains is to remove it easily, in this way the skin will also come off much more easily. At this point all you have to do is use the hard-boiled eggs as you prefer.

But if you need to cut them in half it may be useful to know the trick for cut them perfectly without crumbling them and with the inconvenience of seeing the yolk sticking to the knife.

Thanks to these tips, hard-boiled eggs will be perfect and you can also serve them to your guests without excuses.

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