The children's room? Better to clean it with these natural products

The children's room? Better to clean it with these natural products

To clean bedroom and playroom, it is better to use chemical products than natural ingredients: here are some

Whether it's their bedroom or the playroom, the environment in which children spend most of their time deserves special care: the little ones touch, explore, handle, put objects in their mouths, and here they are the less they use chemical products the better. So how do the surfaces on our children clean up?

To dust and to eliminate a possible source of allergy for children (and others), it is better to avoid using anti-dust products on the market, which can do nothing against its formation. The only solution is to use a microfibre cloth, or a solution of hot water and lemon juice. For the floors, on the other hand, go ahead with the “grandmother's remedies”: just mix a tablespoon of baking soda and a tablespoon of vinegar with a liter of hot water, adding maybe a few drops of essential oil if you want to obtain a scented mixture .

The objects to pay more attention, however, are the carpets. If the child is usually playing crouched or lying on it, it is good to pay the utmost care to cleaning them. How to do it naturally? Brushing them periodically with talcum powder (just spread it on the carpet and then remove it with the brush, so as to eliminate dust and germs with it), or with a mix of warm water and white wine vinegar.

But it's not just the surfaces and the furnishings, the things to which we must pay attention. Another real nest of germs is represented by the stuffed animals. How to wash them? As a rule, each doll should have a label with its washing instructions but, otherwise, you can put into practice a behavior that is good for everyone: in the washing machine, a 30 ° wash is activated with a program and detergent for delicate items; the drying must then take place in the air, in a ventilated place but not under direct light, perhaps hanging it downwards for the label. Alternatively, always with water at about 30 ° and always with a detergent for delicate garments, the soft toy can be washed by hand, changing the water in the basin several times.

And so your children are given a clean and, above all, safe environment.

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