The College 5: the competitors and the return of Magalli

The College 5: the competitors and the return of Magalli

The names of the 21 boys of the "Collegio" who will be part of the fifth edition of the Rai 2 docu-reality have been revealed

The names of the boys who will participate in the new edition of Il Collegio have been revealed. The program, now in its fifth edition, has managed in a short time to create a great interest on social networks and to have an excellent following among the very young, as well as to make some of them known to the general public also in other successful programs, as well as it happened to Nicole Rossi.

Aired on Rai 2, the docu-reality is produced in collaboration with Banijai Italia and is based on the international format "Le Pensionnat – That'll teach'em" of which Rai has acquired the rights to produce the Italian version.

The College will be back on the air from Tuesday 27 October in prime time. The gates of the most famous college of the moment reopen, which for this edition was set in the “Regina Margherita” of Anagni (FR).

There are 8 episodes scheduled and Giancarlo Magalli, currently engaged in conducting the new edition of I Fatti Vostri, will tell the story of the most famous college of today. The program was registered taking into account all restrictions, in order to comply with safety regulations given the ongoing health emergency.

After the fourth edition set in the 80s, this time to cross the threshold, catapulted into 1992 and grappling with the "confessionals" through which they will talk, will be 21 young people:

  • Alessandro Andreini, 16, from San Giovanni in Marignano (RN)
  • Alessandro Guida, 15 years old, from Civitavecchia (RM)
  • Aurora Morabito, 17, from Savona
  • Andrea Di Piero, 16, from Fiuggi (FR)
  • Bonard Dago, 17, by Zaro Branco (TV)
  • Davide Vavalà, 16, from Bologna
  • Giordano Francati, 17, from Rome
  • Giulia Matera, 15 years old from Salerno
  • Giulia Maria Scarano, 14 years old, from Manfredonia (FG)
  • Linda Bertollo, 14 years old from Ivrea
  • Luca Lapolla, 15 years old from Prato (PO)
  • Luca Zigliana, 15 years old, from Zanico (NG)
  • Luna Scognamiglio, 17, from Vietri sul mare (SA)
  • Maria Teresa Cristini, 14 years old from Sant’Olcese (GE)
  • Marco Crivellini, 16, from Rome
  • Mishel Gashi, 15, from Calolzicorte (LC)
  • Rahul Teoli, 15 years old from Piombino (LI)
  • Rebecca Mongelli, 15, from Sesto Fiorentino
  • Sofia Cerio, 15 years old from Pesaro
  • Usha Teoli, 17, from Piombino (LI)
  • Ylenia Grambone, 16, from Vallo della Lucania (SA)

A great challenge for the young people selected for Collegio 5 who, in addition to having to give up on social networks, will have to identify with the explosive 90s, the decade in which their own parents spent their school years.

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