The color of the enamel reveals everything about your personality

The color of the enamel reveals everything about your personality

The color you choose for your nail polish tells a lot about you and your personality

The color of your favorite nail polish tells a lot about you and your personality. To reveal it are some scientific studies carried out by psychologists and behavioral experts that have shown how the choice of colors reflects the character of each of us, even more when it comes to choosing the nuance of the nail polish for the nails of the hands (and feet ) a part of our body particularly exposed to the gaze of others. Let's find out what the glaze we choose to wear reveals about us.

Let's start with one of the most loved colors by women: red. There are many shades of it, from vermilion to cherry and it is perfect for every summer outfit. Those who choose it have an unconscious desire to seduce and conquer, they love to be at the center of attention and appear, showing a very strong personality.

On the contrary, those who focus on white are a much more discreet person, but also curious and who loves being in step with the times. Black is the nuance chosen by women who love sophisticated elegance and have a very serious and reserved character. They know how to seduce, but they always do it with a certain discretion and charm.

Especially in summer, one of the most raised colors on hands and feet is yellow, in fluorescent, buttercup or neon shades. This tone expresses a sunny character and a cheerful and extroverted personality, but also egocentric. Blue also has many shades, ranging from light blue to sugar paper up to indigo and electric blue. Who chooses this nail polish for their nails is a brilliant person, open to novelty and very intelligent, with a great charisma.

Many women prefer to opt for nude tones when it comes to nail polish. It is a choice that reflects a shy personality, who does not like to be noticed and who prefers to keep a low profile. On the contrary, those who focus on pink are very feminine women who love to provoke and release their childish spirit to seduce and have fun. Finally, pastel shades are chosen above all by people with a romantic soul, always ready to dream and at times even particularly naive.

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