The contrast makeup (the latest spring trend) starts from the lips

The contrast makeup (the latest spring trend) starts from the lips

The contrast make up is the make up trend – back for – spring 2022 and destined to stay. Here’s how it’s done.

You write contrast make up but you read it rainbow makeup that manages to light up eyes and lips.

contrast make up

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Yes, this is the last frontier of make up, draws inspiration from the late 1970s and it is the spring 2022 trend par excellence.

In 1979 Debbie Harry thought about showing off this make-up and therefore today she is considered the pioneer of this trend.

The strong point of contrast make up? The complementary colors, strictly in contrast of course.

Bright colors, shades, different declinations between them will give life to this mix & match effect suitable for many very different occasions.

But how is the contrast make up done? Here are some notions for you.

The contrast make up is done like this

The aforementioned Debbie Harry, but also Grace Jones, had seen us for a long time and already showed off decades ago an iconic, bold, trendy contrast look.

contrast make up

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Today, more than 40 years later, this trend is back to remind us that the eyes and lips are the strong points of make-up and that often by themselves they can build perfect looks for any occasion.

But how to make it happen? Using complementary colors, which obviously need to be balanced and find their perfect meeting point to guarantee balance to all make-up.

Gritty, energetic, definitely suitable for women with strong personalities, this make-up subverts the basic rules that want that when the eyes stand out too much, the lips must be lightly “charged” and vice versa.

In this case we can set aside this unwritten law and abandon ourselves to all the shades of the rainbow.

Let’s also forget about the color block, which can be glamorous, elegant, refined, but which in this case will have to remain on the bench for a while.

If done well and based on colors chosen wisely and not by chance, the final result of the contrast make up it will certainly be surprising, rock, artistic.

Originality will be our mantra as well we should not be afraid to dare, but without exaggerating.

The secret to not doing it? To use the same finish. Yes, for example, by choosing matt lipsticks and eye shadows, but of obviously different and complementary colors.

But if you want a bold result, no one forbids you to also mix the finishes and choose, for example, a gloss to match your eyeshadow.

Some example of contrast make up? Red lips and fuchsia or blue eyes and orange lips and pink eyeshadows.

But yes also to the tricolor: choose a double color for your eyes – such as blue and fuchsia for example – to combine with a transparent or pink gloss and you will still have the typical wow effect.

In this case, in fact, the double nuance will give life in itself to a pretty gritty make-up, so it is better not to overdo the bright tones on the lips and stay on a nude shade, playing precisely on the contrast of the finishes.

Obviously we can dare by mixing even more trends. The most striking example is choosing for the eyes a colorful graphic make-up to combine with a lipstick with a contrasting shade.

If you want to know what is meant by graphic makeup, here is our guide.

In any case, the thing to keep in mind is that we must also apply our make up in a certain way to have a sophisticated effect.

Such as? Tapping the lipstick on the lips instead of applying it normally. In this way the result will be a lighter, nuanced, but always bright color.

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